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for some reason K pins have no effect on me?
I only use benzo very occasionally I have tried k pins from well known and respected vendors and they do nothing?

I even too 6 in one go that was at 8pm and I did sleep by 10pm.

I have heard that these pills are WAY stronger than diax or lorez

anyone else have this issue.

the last time I took 40mg of diaz I was falling asleep day time so I don't have a huge benzo tolerance.

if I got these pills form other places I may say they must be fake but I am the only one that has issues with this.

can anyone shed any light?
Kpin's or Clonazepam whichever you choose to call them are very different from Diazepam, if that's what you are used to. Diazepam has a certain warmth to it where as Clonazepam is great for all day anxiety relief. Diazepam has stronger seditive properties than Clonazepam.
As with every symptom and with every body and every medicine, we all react differently. Doctors claim no two cases of MS are alike. However, MS victims definitely can talk in such a way that most medical professionals can understand them. So genes must be involved. OT, i admit.

Okie dokie, in the awful words of the man behind the curtain at the infamous, Your Mileage May Vary.

Some meds do not work on you. They just don't. Whilst for others, they may find the med to be totally helpful in their lives.

Good luck. This is exactly why when doctors only prescribe oh say humira for every disease on the planet, and ibuprophen for the rest, I don't believe them.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Not all benzos act the same or are metabolized the same way and as stated before "work" the same in different people.

Yes there are fakes out there but if you are used to product x and you expect product y to behave the same way you may be surprised.  Many products in the same "family" work on others but do not work well on me and vice versa.

Experiment if you wish but maybe stick with what you know.

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