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Prescriber checkup
Has anyone ever used propublica prescriber checkup information to find a doctor? This is prescribing data for Medicare part D patients only so they are over 65 or disabled. However, you can find data on the number of patients they see and how many are being prescribed what drug and how it compares to the national average. The specialty has to be taken into consideration. A doctor may prescribe a lot of fentanyl but his specialty is likely hospice care or oncology. I found someone I may contact in my area based on these numbers and the percentage of patients over 65. The data is from 7 years ago, but I would consider it to be relevant to today. It still comes from a time after changes were made to how people are treated.
Interesting. i got medicare for being disabled in 2012. Only part A and B. Maybe tomorrow i have energy to look it up. I get no care.
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It's interesting because it shows exactly what was prescribed, to how many patients, how many patients the doctor had, and compared with the national average for prescriptions written for a certain drug. I found a doctor who has roughly 40% of his patients on medicaid, practices sports medicine and is well above the national average for some treatments. Then I looked into his ratings on other sites. I think if you dig enough, it can be found. At the very least, you have more to go on than a simple shot in the dark and that's certainly better than nothing.
I have an appointment I'm going to tomorrow. I have someone I picked out based on the data from that study. I'll let everyone know how it goes.
Worked. I was prepared with a copy of a MRI and complete history. We're going to do some more scans to hopefully come up with a treatment plan. I actually really liked the guy too.
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