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they say covid will return...
I'm not a Dr but I play one in real life. Personally I recommend everyone get some ivermectin. There's a reason Big pharma and the media lied to everyone about the deadly horse paste, cuz it's not deadly (nobody has ever died from ivermectin) and it won the Nobel prize for being a miracle drug for humans... just sayin.
Tons of information available out there you just have to get around the big tech information wall paid for by big pharma. A majority of media income is from big pharma advertising, gee I wonder why?
I'm 68 and have been smoking cigarettes for over 54 years, never got the Chinese wuflu. I did buy human ivermectin over 2 years ago and even bought a few tubes of the horse paste, it's the same thing and could save your life.
Ivermectin and fenbendazole are two drugs I regularly take, fenbendazole is a dog dewormer over the counter cancer cure but shhhh, big brother is listening. I could go on and on but if anyone wants to read some interesting stuff on the topic I would suggest the Substack app and follow the 2nd smartest guy in the world, to start. Another great site is for protocols on damn near every malady known to man.

Ok, glad I got that off my chest. Lol
i see references for ivermectin when i sign on. yeah, they want us dead but also not voting

i shall look for the ad tomorrow. goog nite all.
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