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Was my confidentiality violated?
Ok i mentioned elsewhere that i had a seizure last friday.  The doctor was real bitchy. The gave me a tox screen and she handed the results to my aunt who came to pick me up. Made no attempt to hand it to me, and she had no idea who the person with me was. Could have been my boss for all she knew.

Since im asking i have a similar incident from years ago. Local riteaid sold an item associated with diabetes/insulin. The clerk says top of her lungs "we don't sell nee____ anymore". Certainly in bad taste but against the law?
Rite-Aid is a pain in my side ... Out of any Pharmacy I've ever used, they were the worst example of a pharmacy EVER... Don't get me wrong... CvS is running a very close second, but it's the big chains that scooped up all the "Mom and Pop" stores and now we have to deal with them ...

I do not use hyp0d3rmics at all ( I just hate getting a shot for ANY reason ) , but it would seem to me that it wouldn'y make a difference if a person used them for rec, has diabetes or giving the dang dog a shot, it's not their business what I'm doing with it... It would seem they wouldn't want folks to re-use old ones for fear of spreading other catchable crap.... They certainly are not stopping anyone from doing what they are gonna do by refusing to sell new ones, they are promoting the spread of disease ...

That would kinda be like mickey D's or Burger King sayin, "We don't have straws anymore, cause too many folks used them the wrong way."

What a bunch of knotheads.... And they consider themselves "professionals" ... Really!?

{{{Rant over}}}}

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The worst is that they did sell them for years on years. Walmart did, but people ruined it by discarding in the parkin lot
I hope u r okay now Rattzo. I remember u for many years.

I would be pissed. Thoroughly.

As an aside, I would take cashier jobs in drugstores or pharmacies at varying times. The pharmacist? Straight outta its a wonderful life. He drank and did not hide it at all. Would be too drunk to open the doors of RiteAid for all the real workers till hours too late.

Just cuz they are pharmacists, or work in a pharmacy, does not mean they are not drug addicts and gossipers. But they arre idiots and should be tossed from the profession.
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