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Could have been a injection of steroids the doc gave you kristof, thats pretty common i believe in this side of the pond not the US,if it was a heavy duty PK i think you would notice the feeling compared to steroids which will help with pain but you wouldn't feel any different in your head.
I dont feel anything from the injection, only that the pain is less.
But that could also be the trams.

Well, wednesday we will see if my spine is healty. Smile
Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
I got some extra special made meds / tabs, and holy moly, the pain just vanishes!

Just wanted to update on my back problem. Smile
Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
I know the feeling of back pain kristof, getting decent relief feels like a god send some days, hope the pain is sorted by your new meds you spoke of in last post, good luck.
Hi guys / girls,

Update on my backpain / CT-scan:
Today i had a CT-scan of my upper and lower back, few hours later i whent to the doctor so he could look if something was wrong and things are seriously wrong.
My lower back is basicly for 80% f*cked up, some thing between my spine is almost gone and is now putting extra pressure on my lower back / spine.
And i also have something pushing against my spine that should not be there, operation should probably be done and some special injections on 2 places in my back for the pain.

I am on contramal retard 150mg now, and it takes the pain away but is not a solution for the rest of my life.
So yeah, that was it, might have something to do with my work as a construction worker for 7 years, was realy hard labor, very heavy lifting, other co-workers quite the job because of the heave lifting and some got back problems from it and stopped after 1-3 years, and i did it for 7 years, so who knows.

I am also in the look for a new job, atm i dont have any job, but beeing a construction worker again is not possible anymore because of my lower back.
But yeah, there are worse things in life i geuss, but beeing 26 years old with a bad back, aarrrgh, just have to live with it.

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

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