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Benzodiazepine Withdrawal support
(01-29-2016, 02:09 PM)FirePlaces Wrote: Thanks BoomerB for sharing your benzo tale.  Well done on your taper and your now managed use.

Hi I_S,  IMO your val use is most reasonable.  I should read back more, but if it helps you and is not excessive, why do you have the desire to quit?

Hi FP, I just noticed you wrote this.
To be honest I guess the only real reason I want to quit is just so I can say I have/ can.
I want to know that if I'm forced to quit then I can taper off them.

The thing is, after reading some story's on here it might not be quite as hard as I'm led to believe. 
I've read about people getting off a therapeutic dose of Valium and going through "the 6th circle of hell" and it being "much harder to stop than heroin" but I think this forum has opened my eyes to a lot of googles scaremongering. 

NSCU thank you for your experience and sharing your personal issues.
I was given 4 drugs as an option to get off benzos and they said i would have to take lithium the rest of my life once I'm completely free of benzos, and yes that's bullshit, I am not bipolar
your only as old as the last time you changed your mind !
Thanks for sharing NCSU, well I guess I'm in for a very bumpy ride one day, well one year...
I have tried going days without Valium before and the most I've managed is 4 days. I used to do Thurs - Sun but when Sun night came I gave in and had one. Not because of WD's but because I was scared I wouldn't sleep at all Sun night.
After 4 days I still felt OK, but I know Valium has a very long half life and people often say the WD's can take 5 days to start.
Ah, man!

If you are so inclined, it may be helpful for you to start a thread on opiate wds and your knowledge about how to minimize them via OTC meds.

Some of us who do have scripts on occasion may run out early. Anyway, just an idea.

Let me check and make sure we do not already have a thread on that topic. BRB

Fire ;-)

No I don't think we do.
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NCSU2009, how many and how much benzos do u take a day, if you don't mind sharing? And plesse Share your opiate withdrawal tricks for those of us without between RX'S. I feel for you, man.

I'm going to try the ashton method again starting one week from now,got some 5mg left from ttm that are helpfull for splttting into 2.5mg,as for otc for opiate withdrawel,i know immodium may help stop those awful long sessions on the pan but here theres not much else apart from a combo of paracetamol and dyhyrad codeine containing 7.5mg,it does little,feel sorry for those having to deal with WDs,i just spent over 2 months trying to recover from the end of subutex,from 4mg down to 0.2,i stopped taking after a few weeks on 0.4,i was feeling like crap taking it so just thought whats the point and stopped altogether,still feel a bit ill on some days,having a dose of either a flue or cold bug on top didnt help,had to buy a bottle of codeine to stop coughing,lungs felt fried,before anyone jumps to wrong conlusions,i only took about 15mg of the linctus at night when the coughing got worse,good luck if your trying to stop anything.
Thanks alot every1 for the much needed info for going threw benzo withdrawal as im on a slow taper as we speak b/c of sum recent bad luck and running out of my meds before refill date which i just score sum on streets to get me by, ya know. But as i said ive had a recent string of bad luck and have been forced into this all quite suddenly which makes it even worse. Thanks again for the much needed info everyone!!! I really appreciate it
Really liked this thread. Thanks for the information.

Hey dude this has been really helpful. when you say 21 days to dependance do you mena in a row or jsut 21 days of using over all?

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