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New vendor UK only
Can't ask for faster than that ...

Happy it turned out well GE...
Sources are getting scarce as hen's teeth these days

Semper Fidelis

[Image: SyAa0qj.png]

Nemo me impune lacessit
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(03-07-2024, 12:56 PM)G.Elias Wrote: My order arrived this morning [...]

Thanks for the update and glad you got what you needed. So ID with most info blurred was ok? It's just weird they want it... oh well, good to have another option. They are cheaper than my NHS prescription for one med!
lucky ducks!!
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

Yeah,its def handy for me,dont understand crypto at all so even better.Decent quality,not quite 10/10 more like around 8/10 possibly,work for what I need them for.Life can be incredibly stressful at times,these days its usually other people causing our stresses,or damn computers lol.
Mind the Gap Please. Exclamation
I got my 2nd order from ukheal today,NDD is a bonus.Everything seems good.
Mind the Gap Please. Exclamation
Need to give these guys a try they have some good products
the uktopmeds dot cc site is back working,bit cheaper than heal and more choice.
Got an order arrive last Friday next day.
Mind the Gap Please. Exclamation
Blooz Hunter, you have broken more rules in your first post than most people ever do.
If you have been reading here for a long time, then you know your first post needs to be in the welcome thread. And learn the rules.
Your first post and you are naming vendors?? For the record, most of them you posted are proven scammers.
Shilling right out of the gate is not a good start.
Dodgy Heart
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