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plush care

Allegedly, if one has a script and hopes to renew it for something non controlled, one can use this service.

Dunno yet. i have two scripts for antibiotics. And the NY's favorite PK: ibuprophen.

U may have to talk to a dr via cell phone.

I may try them cuz it certainly sounds better than the pain and possibility of sepsis i face by not being able to afford to have major dental surgery.

Apparently antibiotics are prescription only. ???? insanity. but if one talks to the doctor he may still write it for one. They take limited insurance.

I just had a relative whom needed her blood pressure and two other meds. Not controlled. And pharmacies were too busy to do same for her.

It took six days before she got them. And she called them every hour which is very unlike her.

Plushcare could be an answer. Nothing controlled.

Just saying.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

I have used this service myself once, as you said, sadly, they do not deal in anything controlled… that being said, if you are in the need of a particular medication (antibiotic, heart medication, or in my case, Avodart)

This is a hair loss prevention drug that is not FDA approved for said use in the US (only for enlarged prostrate), but has been shown to be the most potent/effective anti-balding drug for men to date, far surpassing finasteride and other topical treatments, all of which combined do not do as much as Avodart to forestall/possibly reverse male pattern baldness.

They had absolutely NO issue writing me the prescription for a full 90 day supply, having only provided a very cursory background/ desire to be prescribed said medication. 24 minutes exactly after submitting the form/agreeing to payment (I think 60$, drug cost included) I received a text from my local pharmacy that my order would be ready and filled by that evening.

If they would simply allow patients to use these types of platforms for all but the most (dare I say, next to “useless” medications) - not “useless” in that they are not perhaps essential to one’s wellbeing/the management of one or more very severe ailments, but in the sense that just about every PCP or walk in clinic one may have access to can do the exact same thing, the principle difference being that this was online, EXTREMELY straightforward and fast, and 100% legitimate in every respect.

I salute these people, at least they are making some patients lives easier
Life is getting harder and harder to survive. sighs. May u find a decent source.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel


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