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Benzodiazepines and their Differences
At Rumor, what a fabulous reply.  X@nax still works, but I have to take 2mg for any real effect.  Im trying not to exceed that amount. And I wish it worked faster.

I was thinking of trying the etizol@m, OR maybe the bananas.
seriously, rumor and kittycat, that is about the best summation of benzos that i have ever read.

it is awesome u took the time to help another and contribute.

thank u. u rule. (i am sorry, rumor, that u lost ur father that way. i still miss my parents.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Holy shit man! Thanks for sharing your experiences and it's great that you lived to tell the tales but...I would have to say your decisions were more reckless than ballsy.

I hope you can go easy on the benzo's in future man coz the dosages you spoke of are extremely risky for anyone.

Take care and go easy mate.
i do believe those are jim's younger days. he just sat for one Bar Exam. More to come.

so, whereas, i say: Lord, have mercy, I can tell u, as he has posted this info: jim is now about to be admitted to the practice of law.

He has conquered his ballsy ways.

One cannot practice law and be all messed up. The Bar of every state allows for counseling if one gets over their heads with any drinking or usage of meds.

But, damn, dude. You were a busy devil.

I stayed clean, despite bottles of one hundred or one thousand anything from my sister whom is a doctor, as I took my academic world very seriously. I needed the A plus grades. Being the top student was the only validation or love I felt at the time.

I suppose men were my "meds of choice" in me younger days.

But, jim is back on track, so, whereas, I am somewhat surprised he survived all that, I know he won't be blacking out in alleys anymore.

Whew. We can all relax about that now.

(And, breacher, the day the NROPs died--the No Records Online Pharmacies whom scripted u anything--we saw so many at go into serious withdrawal. And, they posted the amounts they were taking. Many of us just kept checking on these people. Terrified for them. Because, it turned out, that many at had extra records. Would get way more than a month's worth of meds. I was thoroughly shocked to see just how much some were taking. )
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Well, this is all good news and I am relieved.

Jim, good luck with your Bar exam.
@Rumor, I am sorry about your father.  I cant imagine. My heart ached heearing that story.

@jimte, holy moly, you had me hysterical with the glass of water and Walmart.  And I'm glad the coma is over and you've came to your senses.   

As I've said before, I can tell you are one smart cookie.  I'm sure we'll hear from you soon that you've passed.
@kittycat, @charon, thank you. I am quite a bit older now and have lost both parents. It doesn't matter how old you are when it happens, my cousin and I lovingly welcome friends and family in the same situation to "The Orphans Club". No one knows you the way your parents do....not even your siblings.

@jimtje, you are damn lucky to be alive and making something of your life. You should be incredibly proud of yourself for making it through law school. The dropout/failure rate, as you and Charon know, is incredibly high for first years. I wish you nothing but the best, always.

I try to be helpful when I can and try to be quiet and listen when others know more me. I know Xanax tastes terrible, but have you tried putting it under your tongue and letting it dissolve? It may work slightly faster for you that way. I always have gum handy when I do that. In the alternative, if you can do a very slow taper to 1mg. The 2mg. will start to feel the way it used to. And you can supplement with Valium or Etizalom, as needed. As jimtje said, your mileage may very. R.
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Rumor, i will definitely try that in the near future.  And i can live with the taste. (I will chase it with chocolate as a reward.) 
Chocolate is one of my very favorite things.
Had a chance to try alprazolam and clonazepam in many different forms and presses. Midazolam and Adinazolam are some of the only water soulble benzos. Anyone gotten a chance to try the latter the two?
(09-15-2015, 11:05 AM)Borderline26 Wrote:
(09-14-2015, 12:07 AM)selfless-desires Wrote: Had a chance to try alprazolam and clonazepam in many different forms and presses. Midazolam and Adinazolam are some of the only water soulble benzos. Anyone gotten a chance to try the latter the two?

Pyrazolam, An RC like alprazolam lite, is also water soluble

Ah yes I forgot about pyrazolam.... It amazes me how so many things like pyra or acetylfentanyl remained unnoticed until recently despite having been around 25+ years.

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