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Uhm, Lisa, maltosefalcon asked to have his account banned immediately. Which I did.

And, JJ was banned for inappropriate activities.

But another member in texas may be willing to help you.

Good luck. (If you see banned under their names, they will not be able to PM u.)
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
You are lucky. Marino still comes by regularly. Perhaps he will see your post.

Or, when u get fifty posts in ON topic areas, maybe he/she will accept a PM.

Good luck.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
For pain management, I had a great consultation at a pain clinic in the Dallas area. Of course, I had a referrel from one of the multiple docs I had previously seen that would only prescribe NSAIDs.

I went into the pain doc's office with my a giant folder I compiled myself of the CD of my MRI, multiple doctors' diagnoses of my condition and their suggestion that surgery was the only way to fix it, along with records of my time in physical therapy. (I feel the best chance of having a good consultation is going through those phases: 1) Get an MRI or X-ray that can help legitimize the pain you have 2) take the NSAIDs that they will inevitibly give you first and then 3) go to physical therapy for 2 months).

I told the doctor surgery was out of the question for me and that I just needed something to get me through the day because the pain was destroying my quality of life. The doc was very attentive and listened to everything I had to say. The doc never looked at the MRI (not sure they would have understood what they were looking at) and didn't even remember the doc that had referred me lol!

Initially pointed me to buprenorphine patches but I resisted and asked "do you have any objection with prescribing hydro?" The doc said, absolutely not, and wrote me a very generous script of the highest dosage. The doc also said that if I change my mind or if the hydro isn't enough to call them and they would try me on something else. Of course the new law had passed and I had to return every month to get a refill but was always treated very well.

As for benzos, I have never had a positive experience in this state.

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