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(11-13-2016, 02:55 AM)jwiedenfeld Wrote: Hi white!  Mmj is a medical marijuana.  This is used commonly at the dispensaries...

At least that is what Google tells me.  



Yes exactly. I use it to "manage" pain due to an arthritic facet joint in my back. Although I whole heartedly believe in the positive effects off MMJ, it has a threshold and my poison appears to be above that. I lost my health insurance and it turns out the "affordable" care act isn't that affordable. 

White, once we get to our 50 posts I will be sure to keepin contact with you.
Whereas we encourage u making friends, we do not encourage exchanging PMs to discuss the vending by former members of MMJ.

It is still a sch 1. Federal laws trump state laws it would seem.

We don't want our PM system used to discuss and/or vend a sch 1.

Other members long ago, made an independent email group to discuss Sch 1's, so that in no way shape nor form will such activities harm this forum, its staff, or other members.

This was a Face to Face discussion for legit doctors. Why must u all bring it back to a sch 1?

For now, LOCKED.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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