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Please review any F2F physician contacts you have now.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
well that stinks. the plant of which u speak is medicine in my eyes.

damn laws in our health care.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I was seeing a Dr in Ohio but my insurance got cut Sad

anyways there was a sign at the reception desk that said starting 2016 stating any scheduled medication would require a drug screen by law! have you guys heard of this?
If anyone cares to share more about physicians in the SE part of Ohio Id love to hear about them.....I myself have some MD's to share with others.
Omar I know it sucks. They are tightening laws everywhere. Doctors are getting scared to prescribe!
Charon, I'm sorry about the mistake I made .also I was wanting to know if you have to have a Ohio ID to visit the doctor in ohio
Ohio is a tough nut to crack. I'm not huge on big brother, but in my area huge heroin and fentanyl epidemic with the teenagers, so the docs are scared to write anything. Had to go to KY myself for my rheumy.
Any places in NWish Ohio for add/pain or NE Indiana?

Okay ... I had a doc in Oh ... About 2yrs ago .. I stayed with him for appox 6 yrs ...

All was well as I was just gettin 30 n0rc0's (5's) and some s0mas .... Never had a drug test .. Then I got one ... I know sure as sh1t there was a leafy substance in MY system Smile ...Then about week before my regulary scheduled monthly visit, I got a call from the office tellin me, "We need you to come in for a pill count"

I told them, "Hey after the Doc told me about all the 0d'ing going on with those pain pills, I threw them out and didn't even want them anymore!"

There was a long pause, then she said,"Do you take anything else?" I told her, "Sure, I take naprosin." She told me to bring those then ...

Needless to say, I didn't go and 3 days later I got a letter saying I failed the drug screen.. Really ... Well I knew that already Smile

So why the count for a non-controled med?

I started to pass by the walmart and pick up 3 bags of otc stuff and take random amts of stuff outta every bottle, just to really give them something to count!

Btw... The doc I was seein is also the coroner for the county and never saw my "emphysema" so I think he had a "conflict of intrests" going on there ...

I gotta get outta this here "state of confusion" ... This town I live in reminds me of "Hooterville" from Green Acres!!

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Lol holy crap! I have an excelkent doc lined up in NE IN BUT I'm going for BWC. My attorney advises staying in state. The Docin the Fort never did counts, foundy a leafy substance twice but BEVER mentioned it. He kicks ass!!. Bad thing is you have to live within 45 miles from his office, I am 46.3 (they looked it up). I have to get a PO box closer to get accepted if my attorney will let me go there. BWC is a PAIN in tbe ass....thank god for SS4U to keep my mind calm.
Also. ICE, go online & order fetish urine for tests. Pill count...cant help ya there lol. Pm if anybody needs details.

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