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New York
I've gone to 4 different doctors in NYC, trying to get an ambien prescription.  I've been an insomniac since I was a kid, and typically only sleep every other day or every third day.  Ambien has drastically improved my quality of life.  I can sleep like a normal person and wake in the morning.  Doctors are scared to prescribe it.  Thankfully there is an IOP that will help me, but it's such a long wait.  If I don't plan well then there are days/weeks when I can't sleep.  I take melatonin, meditate, etc... but ambien is the only thing that has helped me get to a deep stage of sleep.  I'm looking forward to my 50 posts so I can visit the thread that has been locked.
There’s a doc who’s office is near union square, he gives out prescriptions liberally. His name is Dr David Kraus. Call to book an appointment his office is crowded (wonder why lol) 

I know people who literally walk in, say whatever, and get their script. Only 1 session!

He might screw you on the dosage, so you’d come back for repeat consultations. Try and be firm, or use previous script as reference.

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