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New York
(11-12-2015, 11:49 PM)Stripers Wrote: Good deal kdizz. It's no easy feat anymore in the NE.

I know it's ridiculous nowadays!! I'm not exaggerating I called over 40 doctors and the 5 closest clinics. Two doctors called back and one clinic call Back that was it. I almost gave up and just continued on my down hill path. Luckily a good friend spoke to her doctor and told her my situation and he has been squeezing me in. If your In the area and need one let me know and I'll recommend him to you a long as you actually need help and not just want meds. I only say that because I can't lose this doctor I'm in a terrible spot in my life and need major help. I wish you the best my friend! Pm me if you would like details if that's not against forum rules.. I'll try to find out if it is against them but I believe it ok.
Good deal kdizz. I appreciate it good lookin out as always.
(11-15-2015, 02:08 PM)Stripers Wrote: Good deal kdizz. I appreciate it good lookin out as always.

That's one of the good parts of this forum. people will to help other out.
Always feelinthe love here. Thanks again to admin, the whole community, and you kdizz?

Sorry question mark an error. For some reason when I editI have to log out. Will bring up in technical suggestion section.
I have been to 2 Drs. in NY, one a pain management specialist and the other my primary care. The pain management Dr. was good for a period of time, you know while he was getting his $400 a visit ( insurance covered most), then the  epidural shots for my neck and back, total of 7 at $6k each ( insurance covered) and then a diskectomy which came in at a cool $80k.   Once there were no other procedures whether i was in pain or not, his mindset was to get me to a different dr.  

He left a pretty bad taste in my mouth for that type of treatment.
My primary care has treated me for pain since i left him left July and through now, including my fusion in December and the previous 2 years. They are great and will give me almost anything but there is so much scrutiny surrounding scripts i almost dont want to bother them because of  additional headaches it causes.

Truth is the pharmacies are the worst, i almost feel like a leper when i go in there and its a terrible feeling.

My Primary care is special one and i have only reco'd one person to them, a personal friend who i knew would be a good and respectful patient.

Maybe at some point i would be happy to recommend someone from here, i hope so since i know i am privileged to have that relationship.
Any benzo friendly docs in NY?
(06-26-2015, 04:37 AM)jimtje Wrote: My Medicaid doctor gave me a Xanax script based on virtually nothing. Old Haitian dude, very nice, experienced but he clearly dgafs. I live in the hood-ish but gentrifying fast (Brooklyn).

I would not be surprised if there are many more out there.

Care to share who it is? I cant for the life of me find someone who is willing to help with this.
Jimtje is probably not with us at the moment. He was studying to be a Doctor of Law. Taking his Bar exam. Then, working for the public good.

If he gets a moment off, I am sure he will answer.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Hope so haha. Thanks.
A bump for my new favorite thread. Anyone out there>?

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