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Your BIL is in the "downstate" area. as am i. me father and i practiced law in the Bronx.

I am so sorry. I have heard too often that masks were ripped off nurses faces. You cannot get it: the older nurses said. Absolute balderdash.

I am glad he is strong. Let us know Tigertail. k?
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
(03-19-2020, 08:55 AM)Furyan66 Wrote: Greetings and prayers to all during these difficult times...

I am one of the lucky ones who is able to work from home and live alone. I always make sure to have plenty of supplies on hand just for emergencies like this which keeps me from having to leave my house at all unless absolute emergency.

I am showing no symptoms of Covid 19 but going to keep playing it safe and keep staying at home. I did go to the grocery store yesterday for one of my elderly neighbor's who needed her groceries but she is terrified to leave her home. PLEASE everyone help out your elderly neighbors who cannot even get out for a loaf of bread or gallon of milk or even their prescriptions.

Please everyone take this seriously and as Charon posted above about the criminal activity this situation is breeding.

Peace and prayers to all


You live alone and work from home?  I admire you.  I live with a spouse and two dogs and couldn't imagine all this tension and stress alone. I get some relief from walking my dogs twice a day. I certainly take this thing seriously. I am locked down. Everything that comes in is disinfected.  Good luck to you. Peace to your soul.

(03-31-2020, 08:50 PM)Charon Wrote: both Gov and Mayor said the world as we knew it is gone. and its a long long road ahead of us should we live.  and it can come back. and now it has mutatated eight times.

and Mr. Pres said in his newly sedated voice:  trouble getting testing kits? i never heard that. and he is gone...

i have been bleaching the hell outta much.  much like lysol i believe. in a spray bottle.  the floors and handrails and door knobs. and the bathroom.  cuz houseshare would not let me do much in beginning. he liked he male alone look.

yeah well i dont like breathing it.

it is a large bottle of clorox cleaner and bleach combo.  so one does not pass out from bleach and wind up in a tent.

Some families are being called in when the patient is dying. with a peephole. and they can say i love u thru a walkie talkie which i suspect is filthy.  the ill cannot speak. only maybe see and maybe hear.  The family head passed with twenty minutes.

tis a new world.
I don't know how old you are or where you call home but doesn't this have the feel of 9/11/2001
not exactly the same but the same fear and just this empty  feeling of dread and of incredulity.
Being kind to others costs nothing and enriches your life, 
never forget how you felt when someone was once cruel to you,
we all have felt unloved at one time or another we should never want another to feel that way. Smile
i went thru 911 by praying and trying to help. A few yrs later i counselled Fireman Dude. First responder, second wave. He had some protection but not really. And he died at 47 with the lungs of an 120 yr old man.

I am in the epicenter in NY state. Westchester. Today, they cut off the usage of cash. And the ratz cancelled my three month old credit card. Saying its a new rule if u hadn't used it. Well not using it made my credit score sky rocket.

but i guess they feel all NYers with MS, LUpus, Parkinsons, and PTSD, *disability said* of my age will die.

yeah i posted it now. what the hell i am 65+.

The entire premises i rented on was deserted. My rental house will be torn down. When the law allows.

It is very real to me cuz i feel i am on the frontlines. I am the youngest of my sisters.

No family. One sister i pray with whom has underlying cancer issues.

It is awesome that the people cheer the health care workers. But my God why did u deny them healthcare wear?

It is so bad and Gov cuomo keeps crying. That no more will we get the death totals of Westchester County.

Cuz some have killed themselves. In the medical field cuz they see what will happen.

Scary as all get out, no? I have never lived so alone and without animals. I was gonna get a robotic cat that u can hug. and it purrs. But i hear The Big Guys are gonna slaughter my social security even moreso now.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
gov cuomos brother tested positive two days ago. tops. and he started having fevers so bad he saw the deceased Mario Cuomo. And the chills are so bad that he chipped a tooth.

we still dont have enuff ventilators. but one would prefer to self resolve as there is little chance after the ventilators now we hear. it has mutated so. Cuomos brother said one really just needs to rest. and he is fearful of tonite and what the fevers and chills will bring.

and the number of deaths to date is staggering. And even rural areas with no crowded areas are testing positive and dying.

and we have yet to get to the apex.

nor down from the apex mountain of those with the virus.

and it is spreading. testing shows its presence everywhere. be safe all.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Sounds like a horrible situation in NY. I’m really worried for my friend there, especially the ones with other health issues. Praying this all ends soon somehow.

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