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Working from home?
Remember everyone, this to will end. We can do this.

Head up, chest out, breath in and on to the next Skype call.

And maybe Netflix or prime video tonight with popcorn.

Today was a tough day. My partner feels I need to shield myself from the news, but I am devastated by the economic impact on such a large percentage of modern society and cannot simply ignore what is going on. Closer to home, while I am lucky, my friends have lost jobs, or had to close their businesses and livelihoods.

I know I’m not an overly positive person at the best of times, but I feel that shit is getting real now, and I don’t know what to do...
Doook: I follow all the news so i know how to pray for people. And, Yes, this is unprecedented. But younger people are on overload. Essential workers being forced to work two shifts with people coughing all around them.

And then fear takes over them. One young man, exhausted, and afraid, had to have his mother talk him thru the entire ride home. He was seeing his life pass before him. His mother rose to the occasion and the young man made it home.

I am gonna stop right now and put a hedge of protection around everyone on my heart. This forum and its people is my heart.

We are all just taking this day by day. You don't have to know what to do. It is in God's Hands. You don't have to believe. I believe for you all. I deem you to be all my children.

Hang in there Doook. Being stressed out can cause enuff panic that u let urself go into bad thinking. If u follow the news, learn from it. But don't fear it.

U cannot control all that happens. But, in my heart of hearts I know God can. Most of us have PTSD among all our illnesses.

Doctors have told me i was sick since sixteen. And I always get the you are gonna die one. I did not go in for disability. I went in for food stamps many yrs ago, and other Attorneys recognized me and freaked out. I did not have a hearing. I just got disability. And, again, they wanted me in a program where they would bring a PK to my house. The only catch was i had to die within 3 months or go off the med cold turkey. I did not fall for it. But many did. Most lived. Big scandal in NY. And i have no fear. Nothing will happen to me that God has not pre ordained for me.

Don't let fear rule you. Not now. Cling to a belief system. To your partner. And dont ever give up the belief that you will survive this and be the stronger and wiser for same.

Gonna stop and pray for u all and the others i cover in prayer. It will be ok, Doook. It will be Ok. I think the Bible says Fear Not to us four hundred or six hundred times. So, Fear not, Doook. Stand strong. Follow the guidelines for safety as they arise. But concentrate on your safety and maybe call an older relative in isolation to cheer them up with Hope. Silly jokes.

I was raised up by men of God to pray for another to help alleviate our fears, illnesses.

It is real now, but we shall get thru this. Together. It will be OK.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I too have to stop listening to the news. I get depressed and my anxiety starts to get bad.if you have to, just listen to it once a day. This will get better. It will and before you know it, it will be summer and someone on this board will be complaining how hot it is outside. Lol. Really this is hard, especially if one lives by themselves. I do and everyday I call people up who are super positive and that helps me. It sounds,like your partner can help you also. Economically, yes it isn’t that good but this is not going to last forever. Pray you and your partner are healthy today and will be tomorrow.

Hang in there.

Charon and orange rabbit what you wrote is so uplifting to read when we all need reminders that this too shall pass. This is an extremely trying time for most of us in one way or another. All of us are in this together.
@doook. I’m a fellow anxiety sufferer whose partner is always telling me to stop worrying so much. I don’t think I’m negative. Just a realist. What I have found that has helped me is turning off the news and to try and take some air even if for a few mins. Also try and find anything to lighten the mood and make you laugh. A friend sent me the silliest meme and I had my first pure laugh in a long time.

Courage to everyone here.
Thank you Charon, thank you all. I take on a lot of people’s worries so having a place to be able to share mine is wonderful. I know I can be a man of few words sometimes but this place is such a great support network. Thank you for supporting me
@Doook I feel you. Ive tried not to watch the news but I can’t seem to get away from it. Even with the Tv off I get alerts from news apps, alerts from my town, scroll thru Fbook just to see every post is about the virus. It’s severely depressing, along with all the unknowns is making my anxiety sky rocket to the point where I literally feel like someone has their hand around my throat. I ordered a swing set last weekend so when it comes I can get outside and clear my mind by trying to figure out how to put the thing together. Keeping our minds busy with other projects, work, cleaning etc. seems to be the only escape from this. Praying for all, we will get through this.
~~Patience is the gateway to success~~
I've worked from home now for years and it can be a difficult transition. Creating a daily routine, like someone else mentioned was the key for me.

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