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Delays this time of year?
Anyone else experiencing unusual delays getting subscriptions right now? So far it’s been very consistent for me with these vendors until recently....can Halloween really cause such delays?
Seeker...see my thread in this section called “That time of year!” I’ve seen no reports so far about Operati&n Pang&a which is a coordinated 100 country + push but it’s usually in September or October.
Hope not...I have an important subscription on the way but it will be interesting to hear what other forum members say.
no i read about a few LLs that went out. a few vendors that wont ship rite now cuz of potential seizure.

The Operation Pangea? only trumps itself in news after all the raids are complete.

And Lord have mercy this has been a hell of a year.

we are not the enemy. we are ur brothers and sisters and parents and grandparents. We treated our elders and they lived in far more peace. with most illnesses. But to tell a seventy yr old to buck up and take the pain or palpitations or whatever they are saying now, you are, in effect, DR, DEATH, signing their death warrant.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Good times like this I hate myself for not doing more research on times of year when it could be more trouble. I understand end of November/December but now? Damn...well hopefully all our mags come through I’m sure none of us need to suffer any worse.

Guess I may as well consider this one a loss instead of having false hope..
yeah, i tried to receive from a famous place. after other vendor went down after sixteen years. sighs.

but, they handed all my mail to themselves, and i saw them take my name off front door and copy it on peach slip. I mean the mail man, on vacation for regular woman, was with twenty five strange men on the mansion grounds. so i guess he foolishly felt whatever was in that package was impt. he kept it and wrote it up as I handed the package to another tenant.  another tenant? last winter the mansion broke from the cold and those were strangers on the lawn.  no other tenants here now.

not necessarily.

but i do recall packages of cheap Irish necklaces for sixteen dollars being stolen at this time of year.

UPS.  criminals get super busy stealing things for their children. Serial killers give their daughters the poor dead girls jewelry.

I reckon criminals dont consider this too much. criminals like to give gifts also.

the mail lady is cool. but i aint saying a word.

just:  damn.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I have a guide book (yes just a travel guide book) from the UK that is way overdue. (No TN) Things are disappearing even without major ops.
So as someone who has an order stuck in a spot that looks like it’s game over for about 2 weeks when is it a reasonable time to contact the vendor about the situation?

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