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Can MM worsen anxiety and type 2 diabetes?
Depends on your body composition. Yes it can bring on anxiety attacks, paranoia etc depending on the strain and how strong the MM is. I notice indica strains make me more anxious compared to sativa, but for night time indica is a real life saver. (for insomnia)

I would start with CBD, or a very low content of MM, and slowly work it up. Try it in a friendly environment (not so much randomness happening around you, etc)
I am diabetic and have chronic insomnia. Been using MM occasionally for about a year. Haven't seen any increase in blood sugar, if anything, my numbers have improved. Not sure if it's because I am sleeping longer due to the MM or a change in diabetes meds. My diabetes doc changes my diabetes drugs when newer more effective ones have been on the market for a while.

Whn I first tried MM for sleep, it took a while to figure out what worked and how much was necessary. At first, it left me groggy the next day so I tried different formulas and reduced the amount. Now I am down a minimal amount and I get the sleep advantages without the next day grogginess. It's been trial and error but I am gradually figuring it out. Still alternate with well known long acting sleep meds (which also help my numbers). I never felt the sleep meds the next day like I did the MM. Just kept trying and gradually changing things until I found what works for me.
Mm worsens my anxiety and doesn’t help me sleep at all. I have terrible anxiety and insomnia. I have tried almost every mm product out there. The highest quality and the most suitable strains only to be disappointed every time. It’s a shame because if this product worked for me I would be in so much of a better situation. Insomnia and anxiety has totally ruined my life.
Sorry to hear about your negative experiences with MM. I have anxiety, diabetes , and insomnia as well as heart issues so I was exceedingly cautious when I began this journey. The info about heart issues and MM was often contradictory. Went with the latest studies and decided it was worth the risk.

Anyway, I had to try at least five different places that said their MM was the best for my chronic insomnia. Almost all made me sleepy but also I felt a slight buzz which I wanted to avoid. Found one product that finally worked. Put me right to sleep with no buzz. Was relaxing and had no effect on my heart. I see my docs every six months to have everything checked and my numbers have actually improved since i started taking the MM I finally found. Was talking to my massage therapist who also has anxiety and chronic insomnia (but not my other medical problems) about this and he recommended the same MM type I was using. He went through the same trial and error process as me and we both came to the same place. There could be something better out there which no one where I live has, but I don't know what it might be.

Interestingly, my MM doesn't make me hungry at all. Have actually lost weight since this journey began. I think getting more sleep which improved my glucose numbers have had this effect on me. Have been able to reduce my diabetes meds as a result. I still sometimes rotate the MM with sleep meds since it is good  to have this option to avoid tolerance issues.
I live in Colorado and I’ve tried it all the and it for sure brings out anxiety like no other. If I was at a party, I’d be sitting in my car too nervous to go in. I get paranoid as all heck on that stuff. Plus, this isn’t the 70’s MMJ.

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