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Can MM worsen anxiety and type 2 diabetes?
Depends on your body composition. Yes it can bring on anxiety attacks, paranoia etc depending on the strain and how strong the MM is. I notice indica strains make me more anxious compared to sativa, but for night time indica is a real life saver. (for insomnia)

I would start with CBD, or a very low content of MM, and slowly work it up. Try it in a friendly environment (not so much randomness happening around you, etc)
I am diabetic and have chronic insomnia. Been using MM occasionally for about a year. Haven't seen any increase in blood sugar, if anything, my numbers have improved. Not sure if it's because I am sleeping longer due to the MM or a change in diabetes meds. My diabetes doc changes my diabetes drugs when newer more effective ones have been on the market for a while.

Whn I first tried MM for sleep, it took a while to figure out what worked and how much was necessary. At first, it left me groggy the next day so I tried different formulas and reduced the amount. Now I am down a minimal amount and I get the sleep advantages without the next day grogginess. It's been trial and error but I am gradually figuring it out. Still alternate with well known long acting sleep meds (which also help my numbers). I never felt the sleep meds the next day like I did the MM. Just kept trying and gradually changing things until I found what works for me.

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