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Can MM worsen anxiety and type 2 diabetes?
I have had various people (not physicians, just in causal conversations) suggest I take medical marijuana for chronic pain. Recreational marijuana is not legal in my state, but it is possible to go through a process to get approval for medical marijuana (although purchasing it is still difficult, I hear.)

I am not certain if I should pursue this -- my medical problems already eat up a tremendous amount of my time, energy, and money, and it is a constant trade-off deciding which treatments I have the time and money for. I also have two other concerns: 1) I have severe problems with Type 2 diabetes, and there are lots of medications that make my blood sugar far worse. 2) When I tried marijuana in college, decades ago, it caused severe anxiety and I have not wanted to use it again.

Are these things I should worry about? I know marijuana gives people "the munchies." I often eat as little as I can stand, yet my blood sugar goes very. very high. Anything that makes me hungrier would be a disaster. I also have had very bad anxiety lately and worry about making it worse. I'm concerned I'll invest time and money into trying MM, and have a bad experience. I've had plenty of very bad experiences with various medical treatments. I have so many problems that a treatment for one thing can easily make other things worse. But, I don't know how likely these problems are.

Has anyone here experienced anxiety while using medicinal marijuana? And, has anyone had weight gain? If MM can cause weight gain, even a little, it's pretty much guaranteed to make my metabolic problems seriously worse.
Oh yes it can provoke real panic in some people-trust me on this one and MM is legal where I reside can buy it OTC if you are of age-a "pam" they look at you like you have a needle in your arm.

Not sure what you want MM for but I would look into CBD oil first-can be expensive-unsure about type 2.
Long term experience is that it effects people differently. Sometimes dramatically different.

Suggest that you get/try some before going through the whole application process. With some people it definitely causes anxiety, especially if it is a "Sativa" type strain. You probably want "Indica" for pain as it is more relaxing.

On the T2D, it will not directly affect your blood sugar/insulin level but it does make some people hungry and if that is combined with loss of inhibition, not a good combo. Some folks just can't resist munching out. I am a regular with it but it doesn't have that affect on me.

PM me if you wan't more details but you could check out some of the information available about physicians helping people to reverse T2D and/or greatly reduce medication levels. Fascinating stuff that is getting out into the open. A good place to start is the Adapt Your Life channel on u'tube.

Hope you feel better!
certain strains can deffiently put me into full blown panic attack, but if you just find your rite strain and type etc etc, good CBD works for me I found
Quote:Are these things I should worry about? I know marijuana gives people "the munchies."

I think your observation is an astute one; the fact that MJ is associated with "the munchies" should be enough to make anyone suspect an interaction between MJ and blood sugar. Now that MJ is comparatively widespread I expect this will finally be studied, but as a T2 diabetic, I am sure that you already know there are still a million things about diabetes and diet in general that are still not understood.

My own T2 was diagnosed 10 years ago. By "eating to my meter" I've determined MJ doesn't seem to affect my BG by and of itself, though it does indirectly because it affects my eating habits. In general, I eat less when I vape, at least on the upswing. If I can make sure I'm in bed asleep before the munchies hit, overall I feel it helps me cut down on calories, odd as that may seem as a strategy.

Yes, there are the occasional nights when I end up nose down in a bowl of ice-cream, but those happen with or without MJ. The key is to plan for them, which for me means banning regular ice-cream from the house and stocking up on Bryer's low carb chocolate ice cream instead. I like to shave 85% dark chocolate on the top. The hardest part is watching the rest of the household scarf down carbs like there's no tomorrow. 

I am a Dr Bernstein ( fan, and like the site best. And what works for me might not work for you. Your Diabetes May Vary, as we say.

Best of luck,


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