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I ran across this site and they have an email also but I was just wondering if anyone has ever used them or heard bad/good things about them. Thanks alot. Peace!
Interesting. They claim to do business to business sales but also imply they sell to individuals, which is a rather unusual arrangement.
That's the same identical site as 1 mg listed below. Shocking they advertise crystal m*th. which is enough for me to stay away 

from both sites.
It is even blacklisted by DBG forums. Maximegasales - Black List - Drug Buyers Guide Forum

Unless we hear elsewise, lets move to blacklist.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
ok thanks guys, I kinda was leaning that way, I emailed them and they swore up and down they went a scam and sent over tracking # of customers agreed too, but I was tgink8ng l8ke wouldn't you just let them email you or put up at least a reveiws. I never check out other forums maybe I need to sometime, I've just always felt safe here

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