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Hi everybody !
You are a great community around there. I do not remember when I first joined this board, but it was maybe more that 5 years ago. And I really appreciate how the community work, helping each other and sharing valuable information. Yet I have not be very active as I have my proffesional and familly duties takes me lot of time to the point I lack of sleep most of the time. But anyway I was always gratefull of the good information I got from this forum and mostly thankfull for the quality vendor list I could get here. But by now, it seems that the vendor list have shrink to the point of only few vendors and it becomes hard to find what I need from reputable sources.

Therefore I had a better look on the forum and read the rules. And I an not sure if I have understood well. It seems I should put 50 and 150 posts to get access to a private list of vendors. Right ? I presume it is a kind of  reward for the most active members. Well, I am not sure if I have sufficient good advices to post in a reasonable time, and I would be uncomfortable posting just for posting if my contributions would have a poor content.

Anyway after saying that, would you just be kind enough for confiming I have understood correctly the rules? And that is the way I should go ?

Thank you very much for your support, and particulatly for the administrators who are doing an incredible job here.  Smile
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The rules. U joined Nov 2017.

Other forums did not plan for all the seizures of last holidays and the ones caused by tainted meds. So, when the famous ttm2u went down, a group of slimey scammers put up our sources. Of course you would pay those weasels and not the real vendors. And none of the people listened to me. They ordered.

So, we keep a structure. One is allowed to make up to five posts in any 24 hour period. So it will be five a day. When u obtain fifty posts, u can Private Message members and staff. and Vendors. And, you may make up to ten posts in any 24 hr period at fifty posts.

Your next goal is to make 150 posts. We keep top/ private vendors in there. At vendors request.

And, keep posting cuz a 250 post area will be a coming.

You do not have to make that many posts. As stands, we have excellent vendors for members with 0 to fifty posts.

When u need some unusual meds, u use the fifty plus area.

And at 150, so far, u can see all the vendors.

It is not mandatory. It is highly suggested because life was beyond hell for about a year. Chatty cathies put up our sources in open forums. Their own. And quite a few of the finest vendors are now MIA. prison. unable to get packages delivered.

So, u decide. If u want good vendors, they are in every section. But, we cannot share with those whom cannot participate in the forum. We don't need doctoral thesis, but we want to know we can trust you before we share our hard learned sources.

I have heard the other two forums, the ones whom make vendors pay to be listed, well they also will charge a member to see vendors. No idea of the cost. It is rather a scam forum.

Good luck. This is the worst I had seen it in about 25 yrs of doing forums for illnesses and disease. If it were to get worse, we cannot give up our sources as too many at our forum could die.

Actually, raids never stopped due to the tainted meds. But its almost October and that signals the holiday seasons.

Which means slower or no deliveries. One must choose carefully.

So, you can more brief posts. I would not want to be in such of position of ZERO vendors as what happened last holiday season.

BTW, other members are acutely aware of what it was like to lose vendors to a scum, scam forum. They wont give up to newbies our sources. And the vendors have requested that clients have a certain number of posts. So they know their info wont be plastered on less ethical forums.

Good luck.

I would make the five posts a day. cuz holidays are coming. Raids are still ongoing it seems. I am way too ill and way too much of an elder to go thru having nothing but fear and pain as happened a lot last year.

We have no reason to believe things are mysteriously better. Be prepared. Anbitiotics. Heart meds. Seizure meds, What ever you may need and can get.

Cuz things are getting far more tricky.
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Welcome aboardJeanbrun. We are glad you decided to join. Without this forum, many would be up a creek without a paddle. It has been a lifeline for me during these troubled times. Hope you find useful information here, as I did.
Hello Jeanbrun,

Welcome to the forum. Great folks here.

Like Charon stated, there's some very good vendors for folks 0-50 mark.

Good luck with everything and take care!

Hello jeanbrun.. welcome to the family. Hope u find what Ur looking for.:-)

thank you for us nubs jeanbrun .
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Wlcome.jeanbrun. looking seeing you post again.
Thanks for the nice intro jeanbrun, you have been here before so you know what it is like and appreciate the many kind people who make this a special place! Best Wishes FF
As others have said. There really is no need to have 50-150 posts in order to find reliable sources. Check out the open list and go from there.
Welcome back jeanbrun & enjoy te forum Smile
This too shall pass. Heart

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