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(10-03-2019, 03:54 PM)skipper1 Wrote: I asked them where they ship from, 3 days ago. All I got was radio silence..... So in my book they can suck it.

Well if they can't manage a reply to a potential customer then I wouldn't have much faith in them to send, and almost zero expectations when it comes to handling problems!
Not really supposed to talk about where anyone ships from and I don’t think anyone has any high hopes for them. But it looks like one of the many sites that ship from far away and anyone in the US is definitely gonna have a hard time receiving.
I mean I think I can tell where they ship from as I’m sure some other members are also thinking the same place I am.
I could be wrong they might not ship from anywhere at all lol
was just checking out the site, I am curious, is the transit charge normally that high? I am definitely interested but the cost and location thought make me feel weary, hoping to see success if there are any trials out there
If they ship where I think they ship the magazines, each and every time I tried that zone, I got scammed.
But the site was created on October 2018 , there should be some review ( specially if they are scammers ) online, but I couldn't find anything ( which actually is a good thing ) .
yea I figured, I also figured the original as iffy if it is what I am guessing..hopefully someone will take the plunge and let us know, I don't think I am ready to be the first

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