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I keep somehow making my font very small
when I post here, I end up with some of my words being in a much smaller font than the other words. I have tried editing my posts, and when I do, I see that the following string has been inserted:
[color=#333333][font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif][size=small]

I suspect this is happening when I used the CTRL key. I tend to write a lot (people who have read my other posts may have noticed this!) and I often used CTRL-X and CTRL-V when I write. 

I can go in to my posts and edit them, but it's a nuisance. Breaking my habit of using the CTRL key all the time will probably be impossible. (I keep using the CTRL key even in programs where it doesn't actually work.) Maybe I can turn off HTML in my posts? Any other suggestions?
Admin of Steel? Any suggestions?

Those that know forums can post up a hint. Not my aspect of forums. Sorry.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Sounds like you are going with Full Edit, (editing posts to include BB Code)

Quick reply, does not change font size -- tested without posting.

For more advanced bulletin board users check this out..

- control panel > under edit options .

Show the MyCode formatting options on the posting pages

Put the editor in source mode by default.
  • putting the editor in source mode by default will not allow you to hit (Ctrl + B) in order to bold but instead make you do
    for Bold or Italics kind of like HTML.
Should help you out a little bit. 


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