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Hello again everyone!
Hi, my name is Samson Smile

PLEASE forgive me for posting this in the welcome section if doing so was at all inappropriate - it seemed to be the most appropriate descriptor/subject area for my message, but I also don’t want to be perceived as posting replies/threads erroneously just to increase my post count as quickly/effortlessly as possible. Please feel free to invalidate this post insofar as it counts towards the sum total of the first 50, 150, etc. posts that I have made.

A bit about myself for those of you who never really got to know me - I created this account a little over a year ago, with the honest intention of sharing what knowledge/resources I was familiar with, as well as getting to know others in the community - in particular I value anecdotes or similar stories/experiences to my own, because it reminds me that I’m not losing my mind, the medical profession truly IS in a sad state of affairs.

Many of the subjects and posts struck a chord with me as a suffer of severe generalized anxiety, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive, & related sleep disorder(s), as well as a big o’l helping of severe chronic pain, stemming both from physical damage to the lumbar region (herniated/“slipped” vertebrae) and corresponding neuropathic pain in the form of sciatica, stemming from pinched nerve(s) in proximity to the damaged vertebrae. Additionally, I have other bouts of moderate-very severe pain which appear unrelated to the aforementioned and have been diagnosed as fibromyalgia despite my relatively young age.

At the time, I was in an admittedly awful situation, having lost my primary insurance coverage - I was eventually able to afford a very “barebones” plan that essentially only protects you from incurring hundreds of thousands in debt, should you be diagnosed with a serious disease or require an extended hospital stay. The co-pays and deductibles are astronomically high all the way around, be it a GP visit, a specialist, advanced imaging/lab work, or simply paying for prescribed medications. Still, compared to some (especially within the US) I consider myself VERY fortunate for having just enough medical and financial assistance to “pull myself up by my bootstraps” so to speak. 

I mention these circumstances because I recall that when I first became a member of your site, each and every comment/thread I would post was a grueling experience, both physically and mentally, considering the degree of anxiety(s) coupled with the sheer pain I was experiencing just having to type and to collect my thoughts/stay on topic. This was, at least in part, due to the fact that when my insurance plan changed, I could no longer afford to see my old GP, and the new one that was covered by my plan essentially “read me the riot act” for being “highly over-medicated”, when, in fact, I would estimate that the medications I was being prescribed at the time were only addressing ~2/3 - ~3/4 of my pain and even less so with regard to anxiety. 

I did my very best with “the cards I was dealt”, but ultimately, lacking substantial financial and physical support, my world became smaller and smaller until the point where I was practically bed-bound. At this point, my account, which was only a few weeks from having been created, lapsed into inactivity, as I felt I no longer had the ability to call fourth any information of value or substance for your community to benefit from from.

Having totally re-arranged my medical situation, in large part due to the financial help I received in the form of an inheritance, I’ve been able to see better trained, less closed-minded specialists(mostly in the neurological department) as well as, try some newer medications that had previously been cost prohibitive, etc. & in doing so, finally take back a large part of my life that had been stolen from me by a combination of poor health, corporate greed, and medical “fear-mongering”.

I am far from worry free, far from pain free, but so, SO much better than I was when last I visited this website. Recently, I was reminded of it by my girlfriend, who suffers from fibromyalgia, as well as an ankle that was literally crushed in an attempt fix a flat tire using a jack that was in the trunk. It was dark, snowy, and icy, and well... you can probably fill in the rest... she has recovered a great deal, and is able to walk freely with very little uneven gait, however, she still struggles with the pain and “soldiers on”, not really having a choice give that she is totally without insurance. I will be posting a separate thread related to her condition(s) and any “home remedy’s” that might be suggested as her GP doesn’t like her talking pks on a regular/ongoing basis, despite the pain being more or less permanent at this juncture.

Anyway I think I’ve said more than enough, and again to those of you who are moderators, feel free to move/delete this post if you think it is inappropriate, as well as subtract this post from my current total. 
Now that I am in a better place in my own life and have several people close to me (girlfriend, father) with ongoing medical issues that I do my best to try to understand so that I can potentially be of help.

I hope you guys forgive me for “ghosting” on you the way I did last year (I think it was in late spring/early summer, maybe June 2018?) I honestly meant no disrespect to anyone - to the contrary, I have never happened across such a tight-nit, well moderated community that centers on subject matters that can easily attract the wrong kind of attention/web traffic. 

Bravo to Charon, Icewizard, Fishfarmer, and all of the other super mods I recognize easily from over a year ago! (No hard feelings if I left your name out, my memory isn't THAT good!) You all have not only created, but protected, (on an ongoing basis - not an easy feat in this day and age) this forum and allowed it to grow into a truly valuable resource for anyone needing ongoing medical care, or even a caregiver/family member of said individual. What’s more you clearly read the forums very often and weed out the sketchy, factually incorrect, or just downright dangerous advice that other, lesser educated/ranked members contribute, such that one can look at an old thread with confidence and clearly glean what information
/advice is positive and what should largely be ignored. 

Going forward I intend to check/read the forums regularly and make constructive comments as my intellect permits, as well as potentially a thread or two asking you guys for your two cents - especially regarding my father’s heart condition and my GF’s poor ankle ?. I hope the knowledge and experience(s) I have accumulated thus far in my life, in dealing with medical issues and the establishment in general, can be of use to your loyal and active members, and I aim to try (again, this time without the 8.5-9/10 scale of blinding pain that was present when I first registered my account, attempting my best to participate and contribute information in those areas that are my personal “strong suit” with regard to medical/pharmaceutical knowledge. 

Thank you again, I just wanted to re-introduce myself, since it has been so long. I look forward to getting to know some of you better, and potentially add my advice, or at least my own experience(s), to the veritable font of information that this site is already brimming with regard to the medical/healthcare sector. Very sincerely, 
-Samson M
That was a great read. I feel like I know your pain and I can really relate to your story as I have almost the same symptoms minus the ocd. I never had an issue with ocd. But the severe chronic pain and general anxiety disorder which turns into serious anxiety/panic attacks on occasion I can definitely relate to.
I’ve also been a member for a very long time starting with the old ioplist and I remember when this ioplist was first created. I didn’t register at first as I thought it may have been some scammers using the name of ioplist. But as soon as I found out that Charon started this ioplist I went ahead and registered. As she is the greatest. I went into one of my old emails and saw me and Charon exchanging emails back in like 2012/2013.
She has always been there to help consistently for many years and unlike other Admin at other boards she helps because she actually wants to and not to try and make money and fee mags and that says a lot about here. She’s a great person I really do love her and we are lucky to have her.

And I myself have often taken a year off here and there because I was just so busy and/or my doc at the time was giving me what I needed. But I always find myself coming back to ioplist as it’s so different than the other iop review boards out there.

And I agree with you healthcare is a mess. I usually don’t have a problem finding docs that will write me what I need (I’m in Florida lol) so finding compassionate docs is not the problem. I can just longer afford it. For someone that currently doesn’t have any insurance I just can’t keep up with the rising cost of the healthcare I need.
So really I thank god for this place. I feel like it’s more of a family and a community here where people show you respect. And that goes for the vendors and the members. The way Charon and IceWizard run this place they don’t put up with disrespect coming from members or Vendors and I love that here.

People really are here to help and not a bunch of money grabbing admin and mods full of scammers with kids asking “where can I get Oxxxxxi” (misspelled on purpose)

That’s another thing I like about here is that the way it is ran and the rules help us stay off different search engines that are looking for certain red flag words.
So we like to misspell or just not list the exact mag you are looking for by name. It actually does help us not get more attention than we already have.

Sorry for the long post but I really relate to you Samson. I’m glad to see you came back around and it’s members like you that make this my favorite board by far.

So welcome back and if there is anything I can ever help you with please don’t hesitate to ask. I am not the most knowledgeable person here but I do have 20years of experience in this “game” as some call it.

I’ll see you around in the boards Samson. Nice to meet you,

EDIT: just realized I’ve known Sharon a long time had to be before 2012 because I remember she used to go by a different name but I think I first met her on the original old old DBG forums. I believe that’s where it was. And I’ve used different usernames over the years but she still treats me like a long time friend. Hard to find people like that especially online nowadays.

Wow time flies and yet Charon still here to help us. Honestly I don’t know she does it lol but I’m glad she does ?

Im sorry Samson I hope I didn’t write to much and “Jack” your post Samson I can just really relate to you and it reminds me of why I love this place so much Smile
Welcome Chinchillin777--Samson

Nice introduction post. I am sure the community will be able to help

and I wish you good luck going forward.

Folken Cool

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