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I know nothing about this place .   Just found it.  Not bad.  For those of you that know how to check put a website, possibly you can do,it about this one.  Could be a good one.

Fingers crossed.

Well, the C of O is definitely a new one for me. There is very little info through Whois and the prices for very strong PKs are way too low. I’m not very optimistic.
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I’m trying to find out some more info about them. But whenever I see PK’s priced that low it always throws up red flags for me. The legit vendors that have real ones available know what they are worth and charge accordingly. Plus the shipping option we aren’t allowed to discuss here and the fact the pk’s Are priced way low but the benz@s are super expensive are all red flags for me.

But hey you never know I am definitely looking into them I just have my hopes up.

But thanks for posting OR as I like looking into new places like this and finding out info about them and talking to the people that run the website.
After talking to them it’s usually pretty easy to figure out if they are legit or not.

I know you already know all this OR but really thanks for posting this place I actually look forward to speaking with them.
Don’t get your hopes up anyone but cross your fingers and let’s hope OR just found a diamond in the rough lol.

If you don’t mind OR I’ll post here what type of info I can find about them and if I get a response to the message I just sent them.
Absolutely undermedicated. Like I said, I don’t have the skills like some of you have to really check out a place so I would be curious as to what you find out. The only thing I know is where they are from based on their domain name. Which is also not a common place. And I agree about the PK’s. I wonder if they ship from somewhere

else which is what I initially thought.

We will see people.

Looks shady with unobtanium products all with the same "packaging" on the site. The UK & US thing is also a red flag. Be careful!

Very little info on whois/icann.
This site looks as shady as hell. Someone has photoshopped the same box over and over again just with different names on the boxes. At least one of their advertised products appears to be an incorrect overdosage which no one else manufactures. Even if they delivered, I'd be scared to take it.

does not look great. Don't forget, we allow no US to US here. And these gents want to get US and UK clients it seems.

Maybe i shall have time to look up manufacturer. Cuz it said its in business since 2019. hmmm.

And i dont recognize the box, but i admit i have used very few different looking types of valium.

Let us know, any brave souls. But no mention of any US affiliation or else it comes down.

Maybe some will have heard of it.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

So, it sounds to be a US scammer.

Thank u so much to realize it was one box with names changed. I think I have used but two brands in my life.

Thank you all whom are giving advice. And, help.

*thank u for pointing out potential of this being a US place. We don't want to get L E upset*
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I didn’t even notice the box with name changes. I didn’t even catch that. Thanks so much for pointing that out, amongst other things.

Wonderful friends here.
I would be very careful ordering from this place. I think it`s unlikely that any vendor would have access to this many hard to get mags.
It`s interesting that they have there own pics of the actually mags, but if you look closely at the embossing and the shape of the better mags they don`t look good.

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