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Hi to everyone. I have been a guest here many times and finally joined some time ago but this will be my 1st post. I was on one other forum long ago and its been shut down for some time now. I got a lot of sources for reading material there but most has dried up so I had to hunt and search for my own sources of magazines over the years. 

I have read the rules from time to time and while reading on this forum I have seen 1st hand some things you should never write however I know I have to read the rules more to try and keep them fresh in my mind. I hope to become part of your family but only time will tell. 

Hello JESSE & Welcome to the Forum.  That is a very nice welcome post & I look forward to reading your posts Smile
This too shall pass. Heart
Welcome Jesse, glad to have you aboard. Look forward to seeing ya around.
You will do just fine here in a posting mode, jesse. It gets easier.

Ah, the rules:

5 posts in any 24 hr period. aim for fifty to PM. then aim for 150.

Good luck. Only trust highly respected members here. Helpful helpertons can be leading a newer person to trouble. *check with me via contact me button on home page, left bottom corner, to see if its a known scammer.* It is a brutal time still and we want no one to lose money or health.

Welcome aboard.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thank-You Roses, skipper1 and Charon for the nice welcome comments and to any others that may comment. Very nice.
Wazzup Jesse !  Cool name btw  Big Grin
Welcome Jesse. I am also a newbie. This forum has been s a lifeline in a storm for many of us.

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