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General Discussions Misc. and Safety Tips
Please feel free to share carefully safety tips. vpns. email companies to use.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Protonmail. Some vendors won't take you seriously unless you use a secure email like that.
Can someone please let me know what it means when there is a cross/line through someones name?
I just noticed that on one of the threads i posted on the vendor had a cross through their name.
I thought it meant banned but it usually says banned under their name but in this case it does not say this.
Thanks alot
Just off the top of my head, regarding VPNs. They are indeed an excellent security tool, even if not “100% secure” - this is particularly true of those designed to work on iOS/Android, but one word of caution... *rememberer* what country/region/server you are connecting via when accessing a specific vendor’s site, especially when placing orders. 

Without realizing it, I have, in the past, used conflicting VPN addresses (one server was UK based, another one was NYC based) when contacting & placing orders with vendors. In one case this lead to a great misunderstanding and almost got me banned from a very valuable resource. 

Lesson learned : VPNs can be great, but it’s best to try to avoid “red flags” by being consistent - at least with the general region - of the chosen proxy(s) you are using when accessing a particular address.

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