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What is so special about Xanax???
This is based on a post I made on another thread and thought it was worth becoming a thread? Please explain to me why this med is so darn popular. Is it because it was your original script and you just stuck with it? I do know from reading posts on 2 boards over the years that this med has caused considerable problems for many, I guess from the addictive nature of the med and it's short life requiring multiple dosing? I know all B's can become habit forming and abused. I am not casting stones as I chronicled my abuse of V's and alcohol after work every day for over 2 years. They say it works fast? Clonazepam under the tongue and I am good in 15 minutes. The fact that this med is now being counterfeited widely would scare me and shows just how many people are dependent. Just wanted to propose that if the road you are on with Xanax is concerning you, the transition to a longer lived med may have benefits and should be rather easy, I would think. This would allow you to taper easier to a more healthy and sustainable level and save you $. Not judging anyone, but would love to hear your opinion on why you feel it is the best med for you. I had vendor throw in a handful of Xan so I could try and using the equivalency chart gave it a go and noticed no difference between it and the clonazepam I was taking? Just really curious and hope to get some replies. THANKS-FF
Xanax is the fastest-acting benzo as far as I know, and it does give you a little more of a buzz than most other drugs in the same class. It has a short half life though, so it doesn’t last very long. Also, and this is purely speculation, but I think people like the look of the 2mg bars. The other strengths are shaped like tiny footballs, and then you jump to 2mg and it’s a pretty white bar.
I agree it is the most talked about benzo at the moment.

Xanax has some amazing marketing around it. The name is memorable, short, and a palindrome. The bars are incredibly distinctive, almost everything else comes in round tablets, so that ups the interest factor. It has crossed over into public consciousness. The other day I heard someone say "go take a xanax" in the same way people used to say "take a chill pill" (i.e. you are worrying too much).

That marketing has crossed over into celebrities referencing it. Loads of teenagers are into the xanax bars. You can tell it is marketing because there is far less interest in the footballs. Even when people take absurd amounts of xanax and do something stupid, they become "bartard stories" that people brag about. So there's a whole sub-culture around it, which can't really be said for any other benzo. That said, I fear a lots of teens are getting addicted, and then we have a whole different problem on our hands. In the UK xanax is a big thing among students, despite the fact the NHS does not prescribe xanax (lots of other benzos, but not that one). I have some sympathy in that I think they are an enormously stressed generation (which you can blame on social media, lack of opportunities, gig economy replacing jobs for life, etc...), but xanax doesn't fix any of those things.

Personally I find that while xanax relaxes me, there is too much amnesia for my liking (and that's not really compatible with my job). I've found bromazepam to be far more helpful - but I'm talking occasional use, when I'm facing something very stressful. My daily medication for anxiety is diazepam. I recently had someone say to me diazepam isn't very exciting - but it isn't supposed to be! It is medication to help me relax and cope with what life throws at me - it does those things very well so "boring" is absolutely fine by me! ;-)
Barq, I totally agree with your comment on Diazepam not being exciting and that is a positive thing for those who wish to keep their anxiety in order without the fast-acting effects that x@n@x brings.

I have been on Diaz since 2012, along with the pregabalin this has kept me stable and positive holding back my anxiety to give me a good quality of life.

Taking breaks where possible has also assisted in not becoming tolerant of this medication.
Their is nothing really special about Xanax. If one is using something just for sleep then the shorter acting ones have been better for me since I get a bit of rebound anxiety the next day but that is better than having constant stream of benzo in you since you get the rebound anxiety which are mini withdrawals and the big withdrawals don’t happen. It was only when I began to take benzos during the day did I get screwed. At that point, I could not stop as the withdrawals were so brutal. Eventually I stopped and suffered 3 seizures. That never happened when I stopped taking the fast acting stuff just at night. I was always able to just stop and get rebound insomnia but no seizures. Xanax only became a nightmare when I used it during the day. The danger of any benzo is real. Stopping them is so hard and so dangerous.

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