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not letting me masage the monderator
I don't know Ice Wizard, U feel like have a massage?

I remember you. Not sure in what fashion though.

Front page. Bottom left. Use the words Contact Us to send a message to admin.

You are not able to PM anyone thru the system unless and until u have fifty posts. k?

Send your message with SCREEN NAME IN HEADER, to contact us on front page: bottom, lower left.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Something that I can help you with??

Try to state somewhat as to the nature of your queery

and we shall go from there...


(07-26-2019, 01:20 PM)benrodger Wrote: not letting me masage the monderator
A True Friend
Freely Advises,
Justly Assists Readily,
Adventures Boldly,
Takes all Patiently,
Defends Courageously
Continues a Friend Unchangeably.

William Penn
Welcome benrodger  Smile 
There's a lot of very nice and helpful people here.
Also there's a lot of threads to read and info to learn  Smile

Welcome to the forum. Lots of good information to be found.
Hi benrodger, must say that was a very interesting intro. As a self professed computer caveman I have made many mistakes navigating IOP and you will learn fast as you will have plenty of support during your journey! Best to You Friend! FF
Ummm... hello and welcome?  Undecided Confused
Hello benrodger & Welcome to the Forum.  Please read the rules & enjoy! Smile
This too shall pass. Heart
Okay, I guess he meant "message" not "massage," hehe. Tongue
If you read the rules and start reading you may find the answer to your questions with out having to contact one of the mods but maybe not.

Welcome here I think you will enjoy it here.

It takes a lot of reading but definitely worth it plus we have many members here always willing to help.

Take care and just read and you will find many treasures here Smile

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