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quick question about post count

Outside issues kept me away for a bit--hoping that they won't return--but in any case, my post count has reached a certain number, but the site doesn't seem to have responded. Am I looking in the wrong place, or have I possibly done something wrong.  Looking around I recall a post or two about this but may have misread them: I was left the impression that the change would be automatic.

Pardon me, this is worded very badly, I'm just confused.

But glad to be back!
You might try clearing your cash and just logging back in...

Sometimes it isn't instantly, but it does happen ...

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As Ice says, clean out ur browser cache.


OF COURSE PLEASE USE HTTPS. it is a boatload of ifo from some University on how to clear lap top browsers of all kinds and makes and how to clear mobile phones.

macromass had said just hit control and ___ the Part I cannot recall. No, my forte is not making forums run in a technical fashion.

However, For a few months, I get these messages and i say to u i shall add a couple posts to ur acct. and jiggle it a bit.

LOL. See how high tech i am? I change a couple settings that seem to lock your account into just "registered" which is not what u want. u wanna aim for junior member. Well admins can do that fol de rol for ya.

You have two stars which is good. I shall PM to you a link. If u can read the link, please PM me back to confirm. That means u made junior member.

If u really read the rules, i swear it says or it said till i changed it a couple months back, ur posts MUST BE MADE IN ON TOPIC AREAS. and u need to obtain more than fifty. Now that part I probably did alter and the first part? Well, it seems the glitch has come on through since an update, and one's posts in the lounge etc will count toward ur first fifty posts.
Depends on the mood of the gremlins.

Let me give u some posts. Jiggle ur acct. And u will receive a PM. When u respond to it, about a link i send, then u are in.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
u got a PM para.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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