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Low dose Amisulpride for depression/dysthymia
I found this and thought people here might be interested. Also wonder if people have experience of amisulpride, especially at low dose.

Amisulpride is an atypical antipsychotic that in doses of, say, 400mg will decrease dopamine, which should help treat schizophrenia. However at very low doses, like 12.5mg (i.e. 50mg pill quartered), it actually boosts dopamine so helping dysthymia (low mood). I'm not sure of the exact threshold where it flips from boosting to reducing, I think it might be somewhere around 50mg but probably depends on the individual. There are people using 12.5mg to 25mg for the dopamine boost. Some report its effectiveness where SSRIs have failed. It may be that those individuals are low on dopamine rather than serotonin. Some users report same day mood improvement, rather than the 4-6 weeks we are all used to with antidepressants. This has meant people wary of taking an antipsychotic everyday, albeit at very low dose, are using it to boost mood on a bad day, rather than everyday.

Important warnings: Amisulpride commonly raises prolactin levels, even in men, so you would be wise to read about hyperprolactinaemia before considering using amisulpride. If you search around you'll see that can be countered through diet, supplements, or medication if needed (although some work by pushing dopamine back down again, which rather defeats the purpose). Some people report minimising side effects by having drug holidays and only taking it a few days a week.
Also it does not combine well with certain antidepressants e.g. TCAs and citalopram. The wikipedia page gives a more complete list of medications (although the interactions possibly assume a normal therapeutic dose e.g. 400mg, so possibly less troublesome at very low doses).

This is a serious medication and in the long term side effects may become too much of a problem for some people. I don't want anyone thinking this is a magic bullet for depression, or rushing out to get it without doing their own research. I have had some benefit from it over the last few weeks. I've not had my prolactin levels measured, but am not noticing any side effects (e.g. reduced sex drive, or impotence).


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