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Ketamine for depression
I actually listen to this on public radio. It was really interesting to listen about the people who have been on this and how well it has worked for them when nothing else has. I thought about bringing it up with my dr. I've been on so many different types of antidepressants and they don’t seem to work.  I even tried smoking the holy panic attack lol. Anyone here on this? Below is the link.
That is a tough question Travo? Last I heard the Doc's can run a simple blood test to determine which AD is right for you with few side-effects, correct me if I am wrong. I hope you find what works for YOU-FF
I do have another appointment with my doc coming up. I know that everyone response to meds are different. I am going to ask him about a blood test . Thanks .
I doubt most doctor will give you Keta for it.
The blood test that fishfarmer told you, is really usefull .
theres good vice docu on ket, no chance any doc will script in thou, as its mostly used in surgery. Thou effects are similar to mushrooms in a way it alters mind and general perspective etc.
Well this is another reason why I am so glad I came on here, I've never heard of that test re ADs and am going to look into it. Will it look at different types of SSRIs, does anybody know? TIA.
No dr will write a script for it but some psychiatrists will give ketamine infusions through an iv in their office and many people do say it works wonders for depression. I wonder if it works for anxiety and insomnia.

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