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Where to post question about old email vendor on original site?
I have an email vendor who what's thought very highly of and one of the most used on the original website. Where would I go about asking if that vendor is still available and how to get ahold of them? Thank you!
Ok I was the Chaplain and a moderator at first ioplist. I stumbled into ioplist 2 with that lying pig Evil tester, and I run this my final ioplist dot anything.

Le got involved and admin had allowed breaking of laws. All sorts of hijinks. He did time.

Offhand, and i have a fairly good memory despite all, I cannot think of any one email vendor.

However, If you email me your question to contact me, bottom left of home page, putting screen name in subject line, I shall see if I can find info on same.

Would certainly be nice to build up vendors again.

BTW, one can see vendors here during this past crisis on the basis of number of posts they made. So the email vendor in question may be here, but not visible until one builds up their post count a tad bit.

Or, ask in contact me email. The rules:

Based on post count, some email vendors are available once u make fifty posts. Others requested to be put in the 150 post count area for privacy. Some are awaiting a 250 post count area. Too many other forums were stealing our sources.

Have a glorious nite. We have no interaction with either of the other two ioplists. They chose a recreational path and one that attracted much LE attention. And, of course, u realize that Evil tester, whom "ran" ioplist 2, was actually run by the vendors. Much of what u read was pure balderdash. It was owned by certain email vendors we later learned.
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