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New guy
Travo131, welcome to the forums.

I'm sure that if you follow the rules that you will really enjoy this place.
(09-27-2018, 08:42 PM)Charon Wrote: You must learn to be responsible for your own health in this day and age.  The government does not care.

Hello Travo131 & Welcome to the Forum.  Do lots of reading & enjoy Smile
This too shall pass. Heart
Hello and Welcome Travo131. It's a great group to belong.
Hi Travo!! As a Turkey and mushroom hunter I am in the woods often and after more than 25 years and several hundred bites I have only had 3 cases of tick born illness, all treated with a strong and EXPENSIVE anti-biotic. Sorry things are tough for you now! Welcome and enjoy yourself! Good People here. Hope you feel better soon-FF
Welcome Travo. Sorry to hear about your condition, that’s a tough one. Especially as it’s not so common, I hope you get the help you need here.

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