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Anyone tried these?
The site looks quite good and I've had the link for a few months but never used them.
There Digpam are quite reasonably priced...
I've run searches but i can't find any reviews for them.

I've made a small order, i will keep you posted on the outcome...
no...anything that combines sleeping pills with the words UK is now a known, very well known scam.

people tell me he was viable once.

there will be slight deviations in the URL to trick you into going to a site that will freak out your Anti virus.

Or, u may be sitting there with the fine gentlemen of LE.

In the last couple years, more people failed to receive than those whom did receive. And it all goes back to sleeping pills and the UK. You see that combo, son, and I suggest you run.

To be fair, one area may have received but Lord my memory is not quite what it used to be.

Good luck. One was good vendor many years back. Got exposed on, well, the usual forum that loves to do that. And they went down.

Sorry. I doubt this vendor could be so stupid to use the same name that LE used to take him down all over the US and UK.

But I would not want to waste money on bogus and potentially lethal "medicine."

I shant go to the forum whom puts up this alleged vendor. Newer members will tend to fall for such trickery.

So, know now to never shop in blacklist area. And, run from anyplace combining sleeping pills with the UK. Someone put that site up all over and they all went down.

Good luck. But if he receives, do not assume u would also. Country of receiver of product is impt in this maze.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I was on another forum (UK based) that got shut down recently and people on that site who i know are real customers have used them and received everything ok. The site was never promoted by the forum, just another option.
Though i do agree with what you say about the name (red fag).
I've got something else coming but just wanted to open more avenues if possible.
Also they seem a bit different to the other sites- Uk sleep pills etc... in that they have different and very limited stock
It's only a small order and i have the bill in my email to pay now... Not sure if it's worth the risk now, though it is only a small order. hmmm
Thanks Charon, your knowledge is better than mine in this field.

TBh honest Charon i don't think LE care about this stuff over here anymore, so I'm not really worried about that side of things..
*Quick update* I put in a small order yesterday and i received a tracking number today, next day delivery.
Can't say for sure if everything is Ok yet (quality etc..) but i have had good communication with them even after i paid.
I took the risk because i trust the person who recommended them.
I've look into the other website that has a very similar name and what you say is true, though i don't think they are the same, though also could be wrong too..
I will let you know.
Wishing you great luck in receiving. I just recall about seven or eight months ago the blacklisted version of UK sleepmeds was making the rounds.

Let's hope the ne'er do wells have gone down and u shall receive. Eager to know and hopeful for ya.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Every time that I see a site where their photos products are stolen from google images, I simple runaway .
They arrived yesterday as described, though i can't say it will be the same for everyone or will remain so in the future, as with any of these OP's.
I tried them last night and although they have chalky taste, i would definitely say they were 10mg. i had already checked out the Digi results on Wedinos testing site and all results came back positive. Can't see anyone faking a brand like Digi with blisters anyway. I'm more cautious of the Uk pharma brands TBH
It was recommended that i buy their indian generics which are cheaper but come loose,' apparently they are good. Will probably order some next week and see what they're like.
If anyone does give them a go just tread carefully, maybe small orders as their postage is cheap...

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