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Remove the Political Disussion Section
2 cents
I was distressed to come on this morning and before i start other chores to move and/or get medical care, i saw some fighting words, we called them, on this forum.


We talk to each other with kindness and respect. *unless i know the jerk has returned to annoy us*

One, we are living in hell with the changes in meds both with our doctors and with other areas.

We are to unite to become strong so that we can safely share sources that will keep some of us alive awhile longer. We don't get all hissy pissy cuz life is so damn hard that we put up payment methods, country of origin, etc.

And, we don't smart mouth another. Especially don't smart mouth the pioneeer members or the staff.

*It won't go well for you.*
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I only have a minute to post this, but Holden wad correct about me generally saying he was wrong.

When I finishh today, assuming the thread is still there, I have some comments and hopefully the thread could create civilized debates.

Holden, I apologize for that extremely generalized comment. And good debates can be helpful.
Thanks for saying that Audrey. I meant no harm. If any malintent was interpreted, then I'm sorry about that, sincerely. I thought it was kosher to discuss in the appropriate forum. I reflected on what I wrote and can admit that maybe using the word "churlish" was going too far in my first post. I did not mean imply that anyone was actually churlish in character; but, rather, I was asking the question about the action. In my defense, I just meant to use the word descriptively. Again, sorry if that was seen/understood as a slight*.

I was misidentified as being some prior guy with a similar user-name and I partly felt bad because, from what I heard, this person was jerk to other people, (ie, a bully) and I had a moment of feeling terrible to trigger in someone the anger/against/disgust that seeing "that guy" trying to come into their community. The person did some hurtful stuff. I'm not that kind of person. So, I made my case that I was not that person and I was blessed that the mod gave me the benefit of the doubt after a few emails back and forth.

I am an empathetic kind of cat. TBH, given the way the discourse was going before I involved my self, I thought what I said was civil. In that thread, there were folks being mean to each other already (to be clear, I mean some people were dismissing others comments without reason). To put things in perspective, I am no typical academic. I had a long road to get where I am and have worked in different fields. I am not into esoteric research. I love teaching and getting students to think for themselves (I literally teach classes in critical thinking, no subject matter or political perspectives are sacred enough not to be thought about/criticized nor terrible enough not to at least considered). I have favorite students from across the political, economic, and religious (or non-religious) perspectives. So, an affront for me is the violation of critical thinking. Fallacious thinking hurts all of us. The ideas and reason deserve respect.

I don't want to go over everything I said in the two posts but I don't think (nor did I intend) I said anything false or demonizing others. It actually felt like I was being generalized against and others were pigeonholing me then dismissing what I said because I was "an academic." That's dismissive without reason. Honestly, though, I am not hurt by it myself. I grew up a dork and got picked on. I learned to roll with the punches, stand-up for myself and try (most of the time) to just let my thoughts and ideas do my work for me. It definitely took a bit to build up the thick skin, but I'm old now and don't take and internet discussion about politics personal.

To be clear, I was just having a discussion with fellow forum members and I am thankful for awesome humans like Audrey who are willing to hear me out. No hate or anger from me, I (prima facie) like all you folks, even the ones I disagree with.

I just want to make sure that I didn't hurt anyone with my posts, if I did, I will avoid posting about this matter here again.
I am 59 and this is the first time I have seen politics tear up our country so seriously/badly as MAGA has.  

Really, I have lost friends over it and it's not a subject I seek out.

Hope that you all work it all out.  

Sounds like some good intentions.  Intention counts for a lot.

Oh and holden12 -- I always like jholden (your NOT namesake) -- I didn't think he was mean. Kind of rude maybe.
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Rolling eyes emoji. Just in case some of our very senior members don't know what it is.   Big Grin
Since the Political section is still up, I would suggest one can use the ignore option in their profile. Some members can be quite helpful and pleasant outside of the political section, so you would miss out on their wisdom, but sometimes you just have to remove certain people from your lives whether it's online or otherwise. Is their a way to ignore a member from the political section only?

Doesn't dictatorships do that?
How about just ignoring the political music you know you don't like, don't click it.
Fair point. It is an option on this forum though and I didn't build this site. Facebook has these options and they're not a dic..............wait a minute!! Ok I will self impose ignoring the political section, at least until the primaries, then all bets are off!

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