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Edibles for sleep
(08-17-2019, 04:14 PM)1real5 Wrote: I'm interested in this. Whichever type would help me sleep. I usually just get really uncomfortable, and it actually increases my anxiety by a lot rather than reduce it.
I recomend combining with CBD (make sure you find a reputable source though, lots of snake oil out there)

Helps prevent anxiety from thc and also increases the sedative effect in general ime
Anyone have any info on using GSC for sleep? Gotten mixed info about it. I live in a state where MM is legal. It's just frustrating getting accurate info. I am looking for the best combo for sleep.

There is a new AARP newsletter out which evaluates different conditions and what MM is effective for. Pretty informative but it notes that there is a lack of scientific info on the subject, likely because of politicians swimming against the tide. Most still are.

When it's a featured article in an AARP magazine, it's just a matter of time before the damn totally breaks. The feds need to get a reality check about this. Where I live, the majority of people with MM scripts shopping in dispensaries are way past 55. Not what I expected but a good predictor of where things are going in the future. This is the age group that comprises the most reliable voters and the group that politicians cater to.
I have noticed the same thing. In the dispensaries I go to, a goodly proportion of customers are women older than I am (and I'm old enough to draw social security). If I've learned anything from my parents (who both made it to their 90s) it's that if you live long enough, pain control becomes an everyday issue you have to deal with. They had boxes of acetominophen piled high to the ceiling and used to count them out carefully at the start of each day so as not to overdose. 

GSC is a hybrid strain, said to be a mix of OG Kush and Durban Poison. The latter is stimulating, and so may not be the best option if you are looking for sleep. Next time you go to the dispensary, ask them for a pure Indica e.g. Romulan or similar. Best of luck.

One day hopefully the UK will adopt the same policies for MM, for now i am a criminal for wanting decent pain relief,and its damn expensive.
What ?
My GP is alarming me that @mbien causes dementia so im hoping one day I can explore MM for sleep related issues legally in the state i live in.
Quote:My GP is alarming me that @mbien causes dementia

I was disappointed to discover that not only is @mbien linked to dementia, but benzos in general apparently also show a link to dementia, per:

and  @mbien is also associated with withdrawal seizures (like benzos) although at far higher dosages than I would consider reasonable e.g. the woman in this study was taking 160mg! daily

Still, just another reason to consider MM, although now I wonder how long it will be before that too is shown to lead to deficits of some kind after long-term use. Currently, researchers seem split on whether MM might cause dementia. or be used to treat it. I suppose time will tell. 

It seems there are no free lunches, and even the cheap ones are getting hard to find.

I've had terrible insomnia since I was a kid. This past year I had a seizure from @mbien withdrawal which cause a serious skull fracture for me, and now I have regular seizures and I'm on epilepsy medicine indefinitely (which if I forget or miss a dose, I have another seizure. I have had about a half dozen since the first one, but none as dramatic as the first one.)

"Calm for restful sleep" (the one that has melatonin, magnesium, GABA and L-theanine) and edible CBD gummies (with high potency CBD level but without thc) have helped me sleep in replacement of @mbien--though they are more subtle and take better sleep hygiene to really work. I also have a prescription for mirtazapine which helps, but it's an off label use since it's an anti-depressant, and can cause weight gain in some people. I also do some meditation apps.

I miss the @mbien a lot, but that first seizure was the scariest and most painful thing I've ever experienced. Part of my skull is still fractured even six months later. Thankfully all the pain is gone. I'm very lucky in that sense.

With vendors disappearing (and my own fault for not getting a good enough supply for tough times) I suffered pretty severe consequences from running out after having taken it for over a decade.

More to your question: I tried the edibles with THC for sleep and it made me feel really super high and I didn't sleep well at all. I know everyone is different, but the CDB ones without THC worked better for restful sleep for me (in combination with the other things I mentioned.)
The people who work in dispensaries sell what they have in stock. There is very little consistency between stores. It's expensive to have to buy something to see if it is what you want and then being unable to return it if it isn't. Can start costing a lot of money.

There is a proposal that will likely be on the ballot in the next election to legalize RM in my state. This will be major since I am in a mega-state that has already legalized MM. All of this is outside the normal political process. Our Legislature would never consider MM so the public just went around them. And the public's proposal won with 70% of the voters. Should have been a wake up call but not with out present group of reactionary blowhards.

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