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Best weight loss pill?
I have to giggle about Alli. In a good way, not negative towards anyone at all.
When it first came out OTC in the US this girl I worked with
Who really didn't need to lose weight, showed us the warnings on the bottle. One of the warnings or suggestions was to always have a pairvofvblack or dark blue pants with you, bc if you overdid it with eating too much fat in a meal, it was coming out and there was no way to control it. It's always made me laugh, however, I do think it's the safest thing on the market. The point is you aren't relying on the drug to make you lose weight. It's all up to the individual to change their eating habits, and constantly be aware of their diets without too much cheating, because they would suffer the consequences.
I hear you, after years of yoyp dieting I've just done it the old fashioned way. myfitness pal to monitor calories, I get extra from exercise. Work out your TDEE and stick within to maintain. I used to be a skinny minny! But then as you grow older the metabolism slows down, the bollox.
I wish there was a pill that worked with no side effects ..Exercise is still the best option for anyone able ,My mom is 91 and walks 3 miles a day still,, and drives too but we won't talk about that ..........
 How People Treat You is Their Karma, How You React is Yours
The holy grail is a good weight loss pill.

When big pharma gets it right, it will be a money bonanza.

Unfortunately, at present things like caffeine and water/waste extracts have the best effects--- but OH MY!! the side effects.

No substitute for a balanced lifestyle but we all know that already.

<< now I bet there is another piece of pie left in the fridge >>


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