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"Warning"view your credit report.
Just an F.Y.I for any of you that has not checked your credit report in the last year.I was just in the bank going over my accounts,I had my credit report pulled and found some very disturbing activity being done with my personal information.The real shitty thing is that at the time of this breach,i had lifeloc*,and Equif@x say the least,nobody said anything to me.its free,take a moment be safe.
Maybe you forgot last fall ..........

Equifax exposed

Some 143 million consumers around the world were affected — most of which were in the U.S., but also Canada and the U.K. — with that figure later rising to 148 million consumers. Yet, to date, the company has faced almost no repercussions, despite a string of corporate failings that led to one of the largest data breaches in history.

No thanks Equifax...................

a charter member of big Tech club who do not really care about your data security--- just give it up to us to mine and monetize please....................

lifelock was the first regular place to protect your info online.

The idiots posted their own, real social security number on all their trucks. And stated: You will never break our codes.

So of course they were hacked. Big time. And it cost them over a million dollars to clean up after their stupid stupid acts.

Our elections are hacked. Every one of the credit report places gets hacked. One gets hacked paying a Con Ed bill online.

So, now lifelock promises to spend up to a million dollars to protect your info. And they never put their social security number back up in public.

Equifax tells u Your info was nabbed. But u must pay to have them fix it. And, as i had a pesky former relative whom loved to usurp my credit history, I had to do the actual tracking down of hacking. False purchases.

And the Federal Trade Commission could care less. My medical doctor sister was hacked and robbed. She tracked them down as a worker at one of her hospitals. CC company said: five thousand? deal with it. its nothing.

Couple yrs later my dead husband was having a field day signing my name. And the FTC said lady, we dont care if your sister steals your credit, or your dead husband's name is being used. We have nothing but ID theft going on.

Fix it yourself. Nice people.

One can get credit reports free once a year, or, if one calls and is denied credit, one gets free credit reports also.

Good luck.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Wow, sounds like a nightmare. Good luck on getting this all squared away. I've had my CC cards digitally stolen, so I know a little bit about this topic.
(09-27-2018, 08:42 PM)Charon Wrote: You must learn to be responsible for your own health in this day and age.  The government does not care.

My debit card has been hacked twice at gas stations. Vis@ shut it down almost immediately. The red flag to them was that I made the purchase at a gas station and then an hour later several purchases were made a thousand miles away! My car is not that fast!
You are entitled to receive a totally free credit report from each of the "Big Three" agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion,) once per year, at no cost... at 

If you can organize yourself, you can set a reminder to check one every 4 months, so you get an annual equivalent check. I'm not that good (hah!) so I set a calendar reminder. There's also a "free" Credit Karma check, monthly, but you have to sign up with them to get it. And finally, many of the larger banks will give you your credit score on the monthly statement, which can help you a little bit - if your score suddenly changes from one month to the next, that is a big heads-up that something might be amiss, and you should check your score ASAP.

And for those of us who don't need access to immediate insta-credit for something, you can place a credit freeze on your accounts with the "Big Three" for no cost - although they will likely charge you to temporally release the freeze if, say, you want to get a car loan. (But it's not a huge cost, if you only need to do this once every couple of years.)

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