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If a vendor u use or used is not visible to you now, if you put up a thread asking what has happened to them, you will be banned.

I have told you all this repeatedly.

The staff decides to move a vendor.

If the staff felt the vendor was harmful, you would have been informed.

But a vendor is potentially moved.

If you begin a thread asking us why? then u will be banned. The initials alone give up the vendor name.

Get in five posts in 24 hr period and dont come whining on here after having had quite some time to be a member and contribute.

OOPs. Next time, U may read a bit.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Ok, I see what I did, I had seen another thread asking. Sorry again. Shutting my mouth
no, the point is not to make u shut ur mouth son, the point is to get u to think before u post.

the other ones whom asked in public after 2 warnings to not do so again? banned.

But ur new reputation problem caused me to re invoke ur previous chastizement. sp?

However, u handled this well. Like an adult. So, i shall put u to 33% warning that dissipates in a month or once i see u r complying regularly with rules. k?

We want u to participate. It is just there are eyes and ears watching and listening to all we say in open on here.

You can get past this Otim. Promise. Read the rules. Just be cautious cuz we lose vendors when people have big mouths about details. And u have been warned to stop giving up payment method and vendor thrice now. So be cautious. Final chance but u can do it.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
(03-24-2019, 09:44 PM)Otim07 Wrote: Ok, I see what I did, I had seen another thread asking. Sorry again. Shutting my mouth

Hey, Otim07, just a suggestion for you, from another relatively new member... please make yourself a commitment to read, read read as many posts, on as many threads, as you can. Even set a goal of, say, reading other peoples' posts for an hour a day or so. This Forum has many rules that are similar to those of others, mainly because such rules are basically just common sense for protecting the Forum and its members. Then there are a couple that are very specific to IOP, and you really must learn those so that they become as automatic as possible (such that, when in doubt about posting something you're not sure about, you ask a Mod, or a long-time member you trust, via PM, *before* you make the post.) 

Just as in any Forum, this place has it's own identity, and the only way to really learn about it, without getting banned for "newbie mistakes," is to read post after post after post, and to take very seriously any actions handed down by Mods/Admin. But also take heart that it seems they want you to succeed here; as Charon noted elsewhere, she could have just banned you from here outright, while she in fact only issued a warning.

Many of us start out here making transgressions of various types, the goal is to learn from, and not repeat, them. (Oh yeah, and try not to piss off those folks, or the Pioneer/long term forum members, too.) That does NOT mean "do not post," that means "understand how to post given the Forum Rules." This will become easier for you over time.

This can work for you, but only if you want it to!  Exclamation

I'm am very upset about Admin. & his well being we where beststies & now I feel lost with out him

(03-26-2019, 07:21 AM)Cantbebroken Wrote: I'm am very upset about Admin.        & his well being    we where beststies & now I feel lost with out him


Don;t assume anything. Unless confirmed by mods, there are many explanations for different questions. As I’m learning. Read other threads You’ll get the just of why you’re in a soecufuc situation. If it’s not blacklisted. Be patient.
Everyone. Who is asking about any missing vendor. Please read the threads and you will find your answer. We do not hand hold here.
Again, the staff will decide to move a vendor if other forums are stealing our info. His thread cannot be seen now.

Get in fifty posts. He will be visible.

Other than that, I have no specific info. Do u think LEOs all write to admins to inform them of their activities so we can appease the more fearful amongst us?


PERHAPS IT IS FOR PRIVACY. From other forums. Don't any of u read the threads we go to so much trouble to make?

I am not here to just sit on this couch answering stupid arse questions that are in the threads.

And, no matter how kind u may be, no one can PM me below fifty posts. I shall never answer the contact me email button cuz of the buttheads from other forums or here, sending me links to porn, signing me up for gay dating etc. You have done this to yourselves. Get in fifty posts to PM.

Abuse the privilege and u r gone.

And, did u not just read that i shall ban the next one whom asks about a missing or moved vendor?
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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