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Too Close To Home!!
Hi my friends!  I am posting here because after reading the article, I felt it needed to be seen some place other than my medical post.

There is a lack of some details but it is a very scary post.  OK, most of you know I live in PA, but I am going to let the town out of the info.  It is the town I live in!! 

The article goes like this:

A BLANK man was denied bail after a United States Postal Service Inspector (does not say where this part happened) intercepted a package addressed to his home which contained cocaine.  Adam Neftail Santana, 35, is charged with one count of felony manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, according to court documents.  He was arraigned and taken to the Blank County Jail in lieu of bond after being a deemed a public safety and flight risk. 

The package being sent to Redwood Street in BLANK was searched after it was first intercepted on Friday by the inspector.  Authorities found two multi-colored bags later discovered to contain a little over 2,000 grams of cocaine according to documents written by Pennsylvania State Police (PSP).

Once it was discovered Santana lived at the residence the parcel was sent, after the police replaced the original drugs with two sham bags.  It was then delivered to the home by the postal service inspector that afternoon.

Documents state Santana arrived at the house about 30 minutes later, during which time a light sensor went off and alerted authorities the he had opened the package.  Upon hearing it, the PSP, BLANK County Drug Task Force and Postal Service Inspectors arrived to search the area.  Santana fled out the back garage doors still holding the bags.  He was eventually taken into custody. 

My questions start with the first Postal Inspector.  Where did this take place??

I live in a basic small town.  Are there postal inspectors at ALL post offices??  Was he already a target for some reason?  Was it because of where it came from? 

The above info is the full article in my news paper today.  It scares the shit out of me as far as ordering anything goes!!

Please comment with any info you know!! 

Thanks for any advice/info!!!

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

That is really scary.

Someone once told me to not open the magazine for several days or a week because sometimes they put the sensor inside the magazine to go off when it is opened.

It probably wouldn’t deter them, but might as well let them waste their time waiting.
Hi .

It sounds like about 4 1/2 pds of cola  so that could have been involved in a bigger invest igation for sure.

In other words sales.

So if one keeps things to individual it seems much less likely ending up like this.
It was more like a Cu$t0ms issue ...
D0gs can smell that fairly easy, so my thoughts is they found it in Cu$t0ms, then set up the sting ...

I've had pkgs opened before however, everything was tightly sealed and had been
"washed" before all the packaging was done, so they just opened my box, took a peek at the invoice,
and everything looked exactly as it should and they put their red tape on it and sent it on ...

C0cain3 is quite difficult to hide all the aspects of it,, (weight... smell ... when x-rayed, looks like a powder) so since they are ACTIVELY seeking out a multitude of p0wd3rs , easier of being found out ....

So don't use his old connection, he didn't quite do it very well ....

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Thanks for the input!  It is not anything I have or would ever use so I didn't know how much it really was, it just kind of freaked me out that it was front page news in this little ole burg I live in!!  LOL
Thanks again!!  Heart

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

I agree with Ice; it sounds like a customs' sting.  That particular substance is more easily detected by a variety of methods.  What happened sounds like a bad plan from the start.
2000grams- 2kg. --that's like 4/1/2 lbs sheesh...…...

Like Ice pointed out, it's a sting for that huge amount.

Keep up the good work Slick,

JMHO is all...…………

He received 2 kilos, by mail? Wow, that is really dumb. Definitely sounds like he was part of a bigger sting. Unless you meant 2 grams?
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That is an incredible amount and as mentioned dogs can pick that up so easily.

It sounds like this person was opening a library and not just reading.
I think the majority of us on this site would never order 2000 of anything(I hope).If you ever think you received inappropriate reading material,throw it in the Microwave for no more than 10-SEC.,that will BLOW any Trans or Reciever. WALLA!

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