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Fentanyl Hits the Streets Disguised as Xanax and Norco
CHARON  thank heavens for people like you. The amount of time and effort and empathy you give to people amazes me to no extent. And I simply don’t understand how a few doctors don’t read some of these threads, as even though they are doctors, This is what they do for a living.  you can never know too much about your profession, which in this case; mainly features patients and medication. And the board sets such a good example and shows empathy can go such a long way.  and  I have never seen anyone falsely claim to be a doctor, and example; C always makes that 100% clear that your best option is to first check with your doctor.  that is if you trust  your doctor.

 I don’t understand why, why the system says your health insurance will cover it, only to get a bill for thousands later. Why they prescribe you something and then treat you like a criminal after they’ve prescribed. Or the look pharmacist might give people. Luckily I’ve use the same pharmacy for years.  unfortunately there seems to be a negative vibes in this country, and a lot of it starts online. So when you see a board like this and you read all the great posts, well it starts with the mods, and even though I haven’t been in the lounge much lately, I love the music, and I’m getting off topic but my main point is we are very lucky to have this place.

bottom line thank you Charon. You are the real deal. And that goes for all the mods on this board. Much of the Internet brings out the worst in people, but this board brings out the best in people.  so thanks to everyone from the mods to the newbies; we will get by wewill survive.

And just so I’m staying on topic, even though the logistics can be a bit complicated, although within reason as it does take a little effort, but nothing comes for free, your best bet on testing what is in a medication it is the organization dance safe. Go to their website and follow their directions.  I know I am repeating what others have said, but as long as you give it time; Dance safe will give you the answer.

ps  please excuse any typos as it’s late and I’m tired thank you

(05-20-2019, 05:05 PM)Charon Wrote: You will find threads on here regarding testing kits for this issue.

Lets not put the full name of med in open forum.  Use abbreviations please. Search engines will post what u just said.

Everything we say is read.  We must not bring attention to our wee family forum.  

But Yes you will find many news reports on this matter.  Repeat clients are not needed we read.  They are making a fortune. At the same time regular doctors told their patients I am cutting you off your meds.  So, it is tragedy that has been happening and is continuing.

We have a thread on test kits for people whom do order meds.
This new Fntylnl craze is horrible, it's what happens when the previous system that worked was shut down by the powers that be. Of course lower grade materials are going to swoop in to take the space of the actual quality med before it. This is what is happening now. The huge stroke of shutting so many things down with various operations has caused these backyard street hustlers to come in and create a dangerous environment. Really, the gov is the reason this industry is in the state it's in. Just like prohibition, quality and proof were horrible for liver and kidneys. Now, in this day and age, medication is a money maker and the bottom of the barrel who care nothing of your lives have stepped in and caused this horrible epidemic. I really think there would have been problems either way, but this is why so many are in actual dangerous situations now. Take away more and more reputable establishments, you get dangerous thugs in return. It's a shame.
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