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Problem with "Rating" Button
When I click on the "Rate" button, nothing happens (and  haven't exceeded my "allotment," I've seen that message before.) Just, nothing. Cleared browser, still doesn't give me the popup screen that I'm used to seeing. Searched for this in case it was a forum problem but don't see any reports. (Using latest Chrome browser, if that matters.) Any suggestions from the collective brainpowers? Thanks.
Gremlin on the wing. Kristof always posts: i would give u a rating, but there is that glitch.

Duly noted. Co admin of steel handles that. But last update caused that with security updates.

Hey, we are used to getting a tougher time with every move a chronically ill person makes.

So a few gremlins? yeah. I can rate.

But, any of u whom cannot rate, let us know ur post count number.

Just outta curiousity.

It is not the biggest thing on co admins mind i suspect at the moment. though. Have a glorious nite.!!
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
My problem is I have no rate or PM button I would like to.

Thank You

Hi Sudsy,
Look at the very bottom left of a post & you'll see boxes that say , PM, Find & Rate. Click on the RATE button if you want to give rep to a post.

Then to read your Reps, go to the upper right side of your post & under your Joined date it says Reputation. Click on that to see your rep from other members.

If you wish to pm someone use the PM button at the very bottom left side where you Rate the post. Or click on their name at the top of the post & that will take you to a members profile. You can also Rate & PM from the profile.

I hope I haven't confused you. Any questions just ask.

Good luck....
This too shall pass. Heart
Hi Roses,
Thank You for the help. I look at your post and it has pm, find, rate buttons bottom left. Mine above yours has just a find button bottom left no rate or pm button that's what has me confused.
Thank You
Hey Sudsy, On your own posts there isn't a pm or Rate button. I guess it's because you wouldn't send yourself a pm or Rate your own post.

Anybody else that is better at explaining, please jump in....
This too shall pass. Heart
Roses, I get what your saying now makes perfect sense. If you need help programing your computer don't ask me LOL. I'm lucky if I can turn this thing on. I just recently learned how to copy and past so I am only about 10 years behind most people.

Again thanks a lot Roses.

Roses, Sudsy, I don't see a "PM" button on any of Sudsy's posts (but I do on Roses' posts.) I do have a a PM button on my own posts, though. There is still a "gremlin," as Charon called it.

(Yay, post #250!!!)
Geeze to PM i click on party's name and find PM on their profile page.

Did we have an active button before? Argh...
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Oh, ok, i just realized than many of us remove the access to PM us in our User Control Panel.

Many have stated they dont want every newbie on earth to PM pioneers and seniors to ask questions that they don't to be asked. Cuz, for some of u, I shall receive a warning from the member u PM for details.

You are right maddy. But most of us disarmed that ability to PM. I don't have that luxury i reckon.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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