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Phenazepam experience ?
Has anyone used it to treat their anxiety ? I have heard bad things about it. Anyone have any success with it ? Like to hear your thoughts.
Hi Pepperman, Have tried many of the B's just to see. And with out a doubt, for me the kindest is Clonazepam. You take it and you are fine for the day. Have heard loraz is good to. Some folks need Xanax but I would avoid if at all possible. If you have heard bad things about it, I would stay away. Best to you and Welcome!-FF
Never used but know of it from others.

The message is watch the dosage as it is usually more than advertised; and thus create some 
alarming issues.

My advice would be to pass...………..JMO

Pass on it, pass on it hard. The phenaz boom happened when I was in college, that was an insane 6 months. I'll try to find a link to the famous phenazepam thread from the crackhead clubhouse on The horror stories of people buying pianos and traveling cross country with no memory of any of it. It's necessary to be extremely careful with the dosing, its can be easy to induce a multi-day blackout by accident with phenaz.
Whilst it still had legal status in enough countries for it to be cheap and relatively easy to get, there were loads of horror stories because it was so strong. Also it was sold as powder, so people were eyeballing the dose, or weighing with scales that were not accurate enough, hence all these overdose horror stories.

Laizerfiest isn't exaggerating some of the crazy things people did after mistakenly taking too much. The really scary thing was the half life was so long, this was no sleep it off and be okay tomorrow, it was 2-3 weeks where the person would have no memory. So then they had the horror of finding out they'd ruined their life, relationships, or were now on a psych ward or even prison.

I'd seriously give it a miss!
I'm really glad I found this post as I was considering giving this a go due to its cost.

I def will give this one a pass. There are a few that really help me tremendously but the prescribers I have locally are more concerned with being looked into than treatment of those who need these meds to function.

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