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Way to tag a specific post?
Hello New Friends,
Is there a way to "Follow" specific posts, without needing to put a reply to the original poster? I understand how to "Subscribe to a thread", but I want an easy way to get to replies I want to follow.
I doubt there is a way to do what you want.

but I am not very smart so YMMV
(01-26-2019, 01:23 AM)maddy Wrote: Agree with Linville, can't think of a way to do exactly what you're asking unless you bookmark a certain comment in your browser (i.e. the first post in a thread?) and then use that bookmark to read forward. Other way might be to post a reply, then use your User Control Panel (top left of the page) to see your own posts - that will at least get you to the place in a thread where you posted.

Then again, it took me 3 months to actually figure out how to post a picture or link a video, so maybe one of the more tech savvy members here might have another suggestion?

Good luck!

I'm still trying to figure out to do the video link thing  Smile
 How People Treat You is Their Karma, How You React is Yours

To post a video - first copy it/share it.
- then go to new reply and to the Insert Video   << next to the smiley face >>

Select your video format eg. youtube and paste into Video URL.

and your done.

I didn't know about that button ( Insert a Video )?/? thanks  folken I think I got it now   Smile
 How People Treat You is Their Karma, How You React is Yours
I asked the same question a while ago. Mr. Hind was kind enough to provide this solution:

You can subscribe to any thread to receive notifications via email or forum PM system.

Click on subscribe option at the bottom left of forum page.

Then select 'Instant Email Notification'

Choose Email or PM

Enjoy and take care!

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