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Advice on late order
Many times, I have a late subscription delivery and it seems like it's stuck in limbo I figure it is laying in a stack of misplaced mail at the PO.  The item eventually shows up. The USPS has a app called Informed Delivery which will show you everything that will soon be delivered to your mailbox.  You can sign up for the service online.  The service helps keep you from nervously waiting at the mail box each day.  I hope this helps.
Many times informed delivery is wrong, and though tracking may show the item arriving that day, 'informed delivery service' more often than not says I have no packages or any mail coming that day other than junk mail.

If it works mags that don't have tracking, and it can be scanned, then it may very well show up under this service.

For me it's a hit-or-miss option.
Informed Delivery.... Isn't that the option that actually takes Pics of your item?

One does... Myself, I just click all the buttons on the Track page, put in my Phone number, then when it is scanned,
it tells me where it arrived and where.... Also when "Available for Pick Up" ...

For me, it suits my needs....'

Now certain parts of the world countries, will not track past their own border, that does NOT help in that case ...

What really gets me is, they have the nerve/gall to call the mail a p0stal "System" ...
System my ..... eye ,)

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I find informed delivery leaves out a lot of mail.

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