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8 Mindless Habits to Break if You Want to Lose Weight
After YEARS AND YEARS of drinking diet soda, I recently found out
by a dietitian my daughter is seeing, that soda of any type can 
stretch your stomach b/c of the carbonation.  Geez, that makes so
much sense.  So about 6 weeks ago, i've been REAL faithful to drink 
just water, sometime flavored thruout the day.  It has really made a 
difference in my stomach area i must confess.  It's not a 6 inch difference
but it's one I can tell.  I treat myself once every few days to a soda instead
of 6-8 cans a day like I used to.  I have NEVER been able to drink water
I just don't have patience to give anything a chance (SOMETHING I must 
learn......patience!) but I must admit, it tastes pretty good now, surprisingly!

Also this dietitian said not to drink anything 1/2 hr before you eat until 1/2 hour after
you eat. This also will stretch your stomach, make you eat less of good things that
may keep you fuller longer!
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Yes I agree, as I have gotten healthier in my mid twenties and running and lifting eeights, I stopped drinking pop, and I realized how sweet it is, and with research you see how much sugar is in juse one pop.

So I rarely drink coke/Pepsi anymore. I like smoothies but to ech there own, but I find its extremely important to recognize the difference of when your thirsty vs when your hungry. Because you may keep eating when the true response from your brain is saying I need h20.

With that being said, carbonation can certainly add bloating stretching the stomach l, therefore adding space to the stomach needing more to feel *full*.
My personal beast is sweets.I love candies,cakes,and pies.This will be hard for me to put down but will be a must if I am gonna make some life style changes.
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I love the original post, showing the eight tips. My wife has struggled with her weight for decades. She already employs a few of the method's that were outlined the article shown in Ice's post. Clearing the food from view by removing it all from the kitchen counter's, stop eating right out of packaging, etc. All common sense things that are usually overlooked. I printed out the 8 things and let her have a look. In the future, I will add a few of her technique's. It's a work in progress. She is trying some relatively new method's that seem to be working, but it is too early to tell. It's reached critical mass as she is not 21 year old anymore (are any of us?). I will definitely post more about it, especially if she continues to succeed with these latest techniques. Thank you, Ice.
The vitamin 5-htp is good for lowering one's cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. My biggest hurdle is just binging on carbs late at night around the holiday season. I'm usually pretty healthy but can go on an ice-cream or cake bender for two days straight after Christmas. In the same way, Halloween I only purchased a little candy for as there's really only half as many trick or treater's in the past years. Used to have Milky Ways for days through all of November the past few years Smile
coffeedude22,  I definitely think there is a connection between serotonin and sugar/carb cravings.  Don't know the science of it but believe its there.

RF, I had much luck losing 25 lbs pretty easily quitting gluten, including gluten-free substitutes.  Read wheat-belly and was a big believer.  After 3 (?) years, gained the weight back but still am way less puffy, look, and feel better.

Something for your wife to consider.  I lost 10lbs (water?alot of water then) in the first week.  I was over 50 at the time.
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I always eat directly from the package, especially snack foods. I tell myself "why dirty a bowl for some chips, just take the bag, eat until you're done and put the bag back". Rarely does the bag leave my coffee table until days letter when it's empty. I've tried not buying chips, but then I'll go days without until I can't take it anymore and I hit up the store for a bag. I've tried buying smaller sized bags, I'll just end up eating two throughout the course of the night. Has anyone successfully stopped cravings for a particular food that you crave daily?
I do that, too.  I'll eat the same thing every day for months. I'll crave it, even though I always have it. One day I don't want it anymore. The craving just goes away and I'm onto the next thing. Sadly this always happens with food that's unhealthy. I wish I could retrain my body to crave vegetables.

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