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8 Mindless Habits to Break if You Want to Lose Weight
Amen brother

Everything in moderation.
The book Sugar, Salt, Fat by M. Moss explains the whole shape of the food, additive testing to determine what will trigger people to consume in excess, etc. It is a scary read! Almost like there is a big-business "conspiracy" to make and keep us fat.
(12-28-2015, 08:41 PM)Lunar Wrote: Wow, great topic. Thanks for all the info everyone.

A suggestion for the 9th mindless habit: The Calorie Myth

It's only mindless because ever since the 80's food pyramid(in the US) mentality towards health has been literally brainwashed and programmed into us the Calorie Myth has become just another mindless misnomer. Like "everyone knows the government it here to help you." Hahaha

In brief just indiscriminately eating less calories/fats/carbs to loose weight is not only a flawed concept it can be dangerous. Whole food weight trainers have known this for years, and the science has been available to back it up even longer, but recently a book has been published called "The Calorie Myth," and it explains this concept very well.

A calorie is not a calorie is not a calorie. If you start discriminating and eating the right calories, i.e. from hole natural foods, you can literally eat as much as you want and still loose weight.(Especially if you have the history of eating the wrong calories.)

Rereading this thread I realized my "Calorie Myth" post was kind of unclear. So below I copied the synopsis of "The Calorie Myth" from Amazon. I lost 75lbs following the simple phylosophy of when it comes to food it's quality over quantity and incorporating in quick, high intensity exercises. Though I didn't stumble onto the book for more than a year later. But it confirmed the lifestyle that I had already put into practice due in part from advice provided by a long time friend who was a weight trainer but mostly from an epiphany of sorts. I had believed for the longest time that all food and drink fell somewhere between "bad for you," and "less bad for you." One day, I realized that was total bull, there are loads of foods that are totally good for you.

(honestly I may have been stoned at the time of my epiphany, and it's sad but it's precisely because of these sorts of hyper self criticizing epiphanies that I stay away from being stoned. Which sounds really stupid now that I say it out loud. I mean if every time I ingest hypnotic/psychedelic plants I discover avenues and areas for self improvement you'd think I'd do it all the time.)

Begin Amazon quote:

"In this revolutionary weight-loss program informed by more than 1,200 scientific studies, fitness and diet expert Jonathan Bailor offers concrete evidence that the calorie-counting model of weight loss doesn't work. In fact, cutting-edge science supports a radically different approach to weight loss and health, proving that by focusing on food and exercise [i]quality[/i]rather than calorie [i]quantity[/i]you can burn fat and boost health more easily and enjoyably that you ever thought possible.
The human body does not recognize all calories as equal. Some foods are used to repair tissue, boost brain power, and fuel our metabolismwhile others are stored as fat. In [i]The Calorie Myth[/i], Bailor shows us how eating [i]more[/i] of the right kinds of foods and exercising [i]less[/i], but at a higher intensity, is the true formula for burning fat.
Why? Because eating high-quality foodslike whole plants and nutritious proteinsbalances the hormones that regulate our metabolism. When we eat these foods, our bodies naturally maintain a healthy weight. But when we eat sugar, starches, processed fats, and other poor quality foods, the body's regulatory system becomes "clogged" and prevents us from burning extra calories. Translation: Those extra 10 pounds aren't the result of eating too much . . . they're the result from eating the wrong foods.
In [i]The Calorie Myth[/i], Bailor offers clear, comprehensive guidance on what to eat and why, providing an eating plan, recipes, and a simple yet effective exercise regimen based on the principles of high intensity interval training. Losing weight doesn't have to mean going hungry or spending hours at the gym. [i]The Calorie Myth[/i] offers a radical new model for weight loss and long-term health."
Well done Lunar.

I do believe most of this theory, maybe even all of it.
It is said what commonsense Doesn't take care of
Father Time will I've always loved candy sweet and sour and bread
And soda but over last few years no soda as for candy it's a struggle but walk right by in market
All that I have read in this have been informative
Thank you all
One of the biggest factors in my weight loss (actually just staying relatively in shape) is having preplanned meals throughout the day along with a multitude of healthy-ish snacks constantly available to me.

Sometimes I just can't help myself and have to snack...
After YEARS AND YEARS of drinking diet soda, I recently found out
by a dietitian my daughter is seeing, that soda of any type can 
stretch your stomach b/c of the carbonation.  Geez, that makes so
much sense.  So about 6 weeks ago, i've been REAL faithful to drink 
just water, sometime flavored thruout the day.  It has really made a 
difference in my stomach area i must confess.  It's not a 6 inch difference
but it's one I can tell.  I treat myself once every few days to a soda instead
of 6-8 cans a day like I used to.  I have NEVER been able to drink water
I just don't have patience to give anything a chance (SOMETHING I must 
learn......patience!) but I must admit, it tastes pretty good now, surprisingly!

Also this dietitian said not to drink anything 1/2 hr before you eat until 1/2 hour after
you eat. This also will stretch your stomach, make you eat less of good things that
may keep you fuller longer!
 Angels Among US      Angel
My personal beast is sweets.I love candies,cakes,and pies.This will be hard for me to put down but will be a must if I am gonna make some life style changes.
Disabled Veteran.Heavily medicated for your safety Blush
I love the original post, showing the eight tips. My wife has struggled with her weight for decades. She already employs a few of the method's that were outlined the article shown in Ice's post. Clearing the food from view by removing it all from the kitchen counter's, stop eating right out of packaging, etc. All common sense things that are usually overlooked. I printed out the 8 things and let her have a look. In the future, I will add a few of her technique's. It's a work in progress. She is trying some relatively new method's that seem to be working, but it is too early to tell. It's reached critical mass as she is not 21 year old anymore (are any of us?). I will definitely post more about it, especially if she continues to succeed with these latest techniques. Thank you, Ice.
The vitamin 5-htp is good for lowering one's cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. My biggest hurdle is just binging on carbs late at night around the holiday season. I'm usually pretty healthy but can go on an ice-cream or cake bender for two days straight after Christmas. In the same way, Halloween I only purchased a little candy for as there's really only half as many trick or treater's in the past years. Used to have Milky Ways for days through all of November the past few years Smile

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