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Got a subscription in 15 days. Great service and comms.
Got my first order ( maybe ordered many years ago, who knows) and last week it arrived within 10 days. The interesting, and even more scary, thing is I was actually tossed the letter out with the rest of the huge of amount of Junk mail I receive daily since I could feel nothing in the envelope and it looked like all the other mail spanners ( not such a word?) I get. Looking back seeing the Country it was sent from in the professionally printed business address I pulled it out of the trash to check it out. There it was and faster than expected. I emailed Myles to thank him for the quick service. The only problem, I wish he had a longer menu. Maybe using another method of pmt would move things along faster also.
Very, very impressed.

Arrived quickly, great packaging and a great quality magazine.

Would recommend wholeheartedly.
Looks like I'm gonna have to take the plunge and order from myles.

These reviews are just too good.   Tongue
Just an update on my previous post, sometimes I forgot lol He’s reshipping my reading material that never landed and a newer magazine ordered was received.

Great service!!
just placed another order. will keep everyone posted, but we can probably all already guess how it’ll go.
that is to say; myles will come through like always.
I just received my first subscription and couldn't be happier.
I tried to make an order yesterday but Myles said he was out of stock and was crossing his fingers he'd be back in stock next week. I've ordered from him once before and was extremely satisfied. Great communication and the packaging was impeccable.

... Not to mention it only took about 11 days to reach the SW of USA.  Big Grin
Seconded, just attempted to make an order today and was told the same. Hopefully they restock soon.
I’ll be watching for this restock too. Excellent service!

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